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George Bush has appointed responsible for Iraq and Afghanistan

If the nominee of the general will be approved by the senate the new co-ordinator will appoint the assistant to the adviser of the president on national safety of Stefena Hedli and it will report directly ahead of the owner of the White house.

the President Bush has founded a post of the co-ordinator of military operations for implementation of the new strategy in Iraq and smoothings of squabbles between various competing departments, first of all the Pentagon and State department.

It is impossible to tell that search the necessary person on a proper place it has appeared business simple. Unpopularity of war lasting already more four years in Iraq, an ambiguity concerning powers of the military co-ordinator and pressure of the congress upon the president Bush for the purpose of the prompt withdrawal of American troops from this country rather complicated filling of general vacancy. Usually tempting offers of the US president have already refused three retired generals. The reaction which has got to the press of one of them - John Shihana is rather characteristic: the Problem that the present administration at all does not know where goes. Instead of going to Bush`s administration, to earn to itself an ulcer and eventually to leave, I have answered - thanks, are not present .

observers consider possible appointment of Ljuta as the next link in a chain of personnel shifts among the military command which are responsible for a course of operations in these two countries. The president Bush is as though discharged of direct control over a situation and on a proscenium puts forward general Ljuta as original the innocent person for sacrifice on which in case of failures of the American army the basic shaft of criticism will fall. But this measure, according to observers, was late and not only will not save situation, but can bring still the big turmoil in a command vertical.

Besides Pour in the past already hinted that would prefer to find the political decision of the Iraq conflict. Still two years ago he has declared that the USA should transfer all affairs by the Iraq military man when those will be ready to take the power.