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Alexey Gordeyev: the Western production does not give health to Russians

In its opinion, there are products for life and for pleasure . It carries import meal to the second group. the western production does not give health to our citizens - Alexey Gordeyev has told.

the Minister of Agriculture has made These statements at session of working group under the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development which has taken place yesterday in Vladimir region. This time in the centre of attention of government officials, scientists and agrobusinessmen there was a milk.

that the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development has already led to growth of manufacture of meat, - it is obvious. And here the gain of manufacture of milk set by the national project for 4,5 percent for 2 years - while the big question will take place. On it is objective, it is possible to tell, the biological reasons. From the point of view of business, the chicken, for example, is less, than for 2 months, is capable to bring to the investor return. And that the cow has milked it it is necessary to feed, give to drink, contain year ones and a half, without receiving thus any profit.

And on designing and building of new modern farms time was required. That the Minister of Agriculture of Russia examined in Vladimir region, began to deliver milk only several months ago.

in general, milk has appeared more slowly meat. Alexey Gordeyev named a situation in this sector of agriculture strained, nevertheless he considers that chances and possibilities to reach national project planned targets on milk manufacture are.

For this purpose cows should be fed and contained correctly in human conditions . According to the Minister of Agriculture, these two factors give 2/ 3 successes. But there is also a third circumstance - breeding quality of animals. As a matter of fact is a productivity of a cow. And if the state puts now in agriculture tax money they have the right to count that each rouble of grants will bring the maximum return. While it no means always and not everywhere so. Not in the last instance because domestic cows lose on breeding indicators.

Vladimir region where session has taken place, can become a happy exception of the all-Russian rule - here good herd, good breeding cattle in relative figures here five times more than on the average on the country. And consequently the Vladimir cows take an honourable sixth place on efficiency.

That is still very important: on the modern farms constructed on money of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development receive quality milk. From it consumers win. And pererabotchiki worthy money is ready to pay for it. As a result profitability of dairy business appears enough high - 30 - 40 percent.

Such figures also it do not dream owners of old farms. On them often hardly make ends meet.

As a result manufacturers of qualitative milk have a chance to force out from the market not only import products for pleasure but also domestic not for life . Thus the minister has again urged manufacturers to mark the production fairly: whole milk or restored . And even it is simple a dairy drink . Documents are for this purpose prepared, but introduction of obligatory marks while is postponed.