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Litvinenko came to the Chechen Republic to destroy coherent Berezovsky

Yesterday in Nalchik the deputy minister of internal affairs of Russia Arcady Edelev has informed journalists that Litvinenko came to the Chechen Republic for destruction of witnesses of communications of Boris Berezovsky with the international terrorist Shamilem Basayev.

it Also has got to Russia, according to the militian general, through Georgia. Edelev has specified that Berezovsky`s emissary should smooth out all traces of financing by the fluent oligarch of illegal armed formations. At the same time, without wishing to give out secrecy of the investigation, the deputy minister did not begin to name year when it has occurred.

As he said, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and FSB which was engaged in investigation of criminal cases on an attack to Dagestan and on acts of terrorism in Volgodonsk, Moscow, Buinaksk and Stavropol Territory, have found out proofs of financing by Berezovsky of Basayev`s bands. Concrete witnesses who have directly confirmed have been established that transferred to Berezovsky to the leader of gangsters some millions roubles ostensibly for reconstruction of one of oil refineries have gone on arms of insurgents.

Litvinenko was not possible to find and destroy intermediaries between the fluent oligarch and Basayev.

According to Edeleva, Litvinenko also carried out in the North Caucasus commissions of the emissary of the Chechen separatists of Ahmed Zakaeva, connected with an attack to Nalchik in 2005. Litvinenko has returned to Britain through the Pankissky gorge Georgia. Whether it then carried out any tasks MI - 6, the general has not explained.

But has declared that organizers of an attack on capital Kabardino - Balkarii Astemirov and Mukozhev had contacts to the western special services. As he said, these leaders have received instructions from mjuridov - curators, conductors of radical ideas of criminality and gangsterism which directly are connected with the western special services. Edelev also has specified that work on search and detention of the main organizers of an attack to Nalchik proceeds and is the main task put before a management of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs and criminal militia.