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Kerzhakov has promised to Petersburg fans to hammer to Andorra

Tonight in St.-Petersburg at stadium Petrovsky within the limits of an European championship qualifying tournament - 2008 Russian national team will measure swords with a command of Andorra. Any other result, except a victory, from Guus Hiddink`s wards do not wait.

Despite obvious weakness of the contender, the Russian national team prepares for a match responsibly and with concentration. Still on Monday evening football players have arrived to a city on Neva and have started employment. In this time ours magicians of a ball had time to test and lawn DJUSSH Change and to check up quality of a grass on Petrovsky . Mood at children good, but from shapkozakidatelskih moods players are obviously relieved.

- Against such commands as Andorra, to play difficult. They after all expose at the gate ten persons. Try to punch such wall! - The goalkeeper " reflected on the eve of a duel; Zenith and Russian national team Vyacheslav Malafeev. - It is necessary to score a fast goal, differently it is necessary to go all command forward, and contenders will have chances in counterattack. To lose concentration it is impossible in no event. Well and I connect special hopes with support of Petersburg public. Our fans will necessarily support the team from the first and till last minutes. How on Petrovsky about a national team anywhere do not worry.

Agree with the colleague and other players of a national team. The general leitmotif of their statements - we should beat such contender in any condition and under any circumstances, but it is impossible to relax . Many fans, undoubtedly, wait from a Russian team of not simply victory, and a prize with the large account. Football players the result worries exclusively.

- it is necessary to be respectful To any command. And Hiddink does not allow to us to relax. The main thing - to win. And the quantity of balls - a question minor, - was noted, for example, by forward Dmitry Sychev. - I think that at summarising business all the same will not reach calculation of a difference of the hammered and passed balls. All will dare in internal meetings with Croatia, England and Israel.

About tactical schemes in matches of commands of so different level to speak senselessly. It is obvious that the national team of Andorra will spend the basic part of a match on the half of field. In the same place there will be also a majority of the Russian players which will be desperately stormed by gate of visitors. Thereupon the special role will be taken away attacking and to halfbacks of the attacking plan whom in Guus Hiddink`s command it is a lot of. Judging by trainings, steam of forwards old friends Andrey Arshavin and Alexander Kerzhakov will make, and Bystrov, Zhirkov and Torbinsky will help them. The newly made owner of an UEFA Cup and rank of the deserved master of sports Kerzhakov, having returned to a native city, has promised to Petersburg fans to hammer on Petrovsky .

- From us the little is required: to realise in game those moments which, it is convinced, will be. All - taki, at all respect for a national team of Andorra, the class of football players of this command below ours, - has judged the attacking.

Russian national team in a forthcoming match will have also a side benefit in the name of overflowed Petrovsky . That on stadium tribunes there will be a notice, became clear on Thursday when almost all tickets in cash desks have been sold. It is interesting that thus a special agiotage it was not observed. Petersburg fans assorted tickets gradually and without superfluous vanity, having left emotions is direct for the period of a match.

Besides a match Russia - Andorra on Saturday will take place some more duels which results will be for certain rather interesting to domestic fans. The following contender of our command, Croatian national team from which Russians should play already on June, 6th, has gone on a visit to Estonians. One more competitor of Russian national team, a command of Israel, also plays departure with uncompromising Macedonians.

Well and a match applying for a rank central this game day, there is a duel in France where vitse - world champions will accept a national team of Ukraine. Oleg Blohina`s command has more than once proved that does not become flustered before any authorities so fight is expected serious.