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George Bush: “ Russia to us the friend “

On the eve of the big diplomatic tour on the Old World US president George Bush has given interview to journalists from a number of the European countries which he will visit in the near future.

representatives of leading world agencies have been invited also. Today we publish the record of this conversation prepared specially for “ “.

In an opening address of J. Bush, in particular, has told:

- I with pleasure expect this trip. For me it will be possibility to meet old friends, to get new friends. To discuss the agenda based on freedom, and a duty of those from us to whom has had the luck to live in a free society, to help those to whom not so has carried.

Certainly, the summit " becomes the central point in the visit schedule; G8 “. But I very seriously concern and the bilateral visits.

the Meeting “ The eights “ it will be important, as well as all such meetings. This year I will speak about necessity of our general teamwork for struggle against a HIV/ AIDS and a malaria, about formation. Certainly, and global climate change will be one of themes.

I go to Poland - already in the third time. To Czechia - in the second, to Poland - in the third. Certainly, in both countries of discussion will be partly devoted antimissile defence. It is a question which to us is important for discussing and in which for me it is important to calm fears of people.

My friend Vladimir Putin represents business so as if it will threaten relations in Europe, will make the world more dangerous place. Actually - on the contrary. After all also you defend - that ABM system, and you work over it to protect the free people from rocket attack from a hostile mode.

Russia is not hostile to us. Russia to us the friend. And though I not always agree with Russia, I consider Russia as the friendly country, not the hostile. And I will work with Vladimir Putin not only on “ to the eight “ but also when it will arrive to us on a visit.

the Question : you just named Vladimir Putin the friend.

George Bush: Yes, also it is truth.

the Question : Taking into account its angry reaction on the ABM you do not regret, what have chosen Czechia and Poland for possible expansion of elements of system?

Bush : No. These countries have been chosen from - that it will make antimissile defence of more effective. We will provide protection of the majority of our allies on the NATO.

In - the second, friends can disagree.

the Question : Its reaction has disappointed you?

Bush : It is disturbed concerning ABM system. He considers that it is directed against it. But it not so. It is directed against modes - the derelicts, capable to use the rocket to reach political ends or to cause disorders.

Therefore I also sent our Minister of Defence Robert Gates to explain to the Russian management our intentions. He has invited Russians to participation in the program. We is perfect transparentny in the plans. We want, that they saw our technics. Let come.

Angela Merkel has played an important role in it protjagivanii hands Russian, it consequences of this decision very worried. And we work very accurately, but we consider that we do that is necessary.

in - the second, I repeat, we have nothing to hide. Gates said a bean what to be engaged in rhetoric such - all the same, what anew to worry “ cold war “. But “ war " is cold; it is ended. And now, in ĠĠ1 a century, we should be engaged in real threats. These are threats from the radical extremists, ready to kill for the sake of ideology, and threat of distribution of dangerous arms and technologies. And we can make much together for disgust of these threats. So I will continue to speak about it with president Putin.

the Question : Probably, it will be fair to tell, what relations between Russia and the West have become complicated last months?

Bush : Yes, it so.

the Question : What it is necessary to make to avoid the further degeneration of these relations to a condition of deep and long crisis? And in development of about what you spoke, - Russia, self-assured Russia is a friend and the ally or a call?

Bush : I will tell for the USA, I cannot speak about relations of EU with Russia. As you know, they were recently strained enough.

As to the USA, American - the Russian relations - difficult relations. We have consent areas, there are disagreement spheres. We deeply trust in democracy.

Vladimir Putin convinces me, as Russia is the democratic country that it develops democracy. We, of course, in this respect have some questions.

Here we, for example, consider that that became in Estonia, in connection with events in Estonia... Has given us an inconsistent signal. Certainly, the challenge exists in Kosovo. We consider that it is necessary to advance in the UN Security Council the agreement of Ahtisaari across Kosovo.

But, know, disagreements on those or other questions do not mean that relations do not carry warm character. Actually I was convinced what to disaccord on any questions easier when there are warm relations. It means that it is possible to discuss these disagreements without animosities. Accordingly it is easier to find common language.

We with Russia find common language on such questions, as Iran. We closely co-operate with Russians in the UN Security Council to give a clear signal to Iranians that their attempts to get the nuclear weapon will encounter resistance, the general resistance.

In a question on non-distribution also there is a good interaction between the USA and Russia. In interests of the whole world that the USA, Russia and other countries co-operated and did not suppose hit in hands of those who is engaged in distribution, such materials which can damage in what not to guilty people.

We co-operate with Russia across Northern Korea. You know that we from uniform positions addressed to a management of the North Korea. That Russia, China, the USA, South Korea and Japan resolutely oppose their aspirations to have the weapon program. It is necessary to hope, we will achieve progress.

To be surprised to presence of disagreements does not follow. A fundamental question in world diplomacy - the approach to disagreements. Whether conducts this approach to occurrence of possibilities of cooperation or to antagonism strengthening. At me the approach to relations with Russia firm - I tell that, in what I trust, based on certain principles, but thus and based on the valid relation to people.

I here pay attention that Angela Merkel too should deal with Vladimir Putin, and it does it very validly, but is firm. I am imposed very much by its approach to diplomacy. It proves to be very strong leader. It causes an obligation in me and, I think, at the German people too.

the Question: your administration much offers Russia to achieve from it the consent with idea of creation of an antimissile board. But while, it is how much possible to judge, you not so offer Poland which should place with itself interceptors much. How you are going to convince Poles who, to tell the truth, not so are disturbed by the Iranian threat but which very attentively listen to the threats distributed from Russia?

Bush : I first of all would tell, as Poland, and the USA - members of the NATO. Attack to one is an attack to all. In the field of safety we cannot offer more reliable agreements. And we concern it seriously. If Poland - the ally of the USA and the NATO and to you threatens external danger, we will help you.

I, of course, would hope that danger from the outside will not threaten Poland again more. I understand, why people worry. Eventually it is a dreadful part of history. But Poland - the ally on the NATO, and I cannot make more weighty statements. We stand with Poles shoulder to shoulder, as allies, and it seriously. Both for us, and for other allies on the NATO.

Probably, people are more senior are adjusted sceptically. A pier, Poland and was given before by assurances, here only they were not observed. Will be observed this time.

I do not consider that Poland is threatened with any military danger. I hope, as Poles too so do not consider. Certainly, Poland with Russia has disagreements concerning meat, we quite understand it. It is EU question. Angela Merkel as the present leader of EU, now seriously deals with this problem.

the Best indemnification to Poles for friendship - good, strong mutual relations.

the Question : you change a course of world history. You are happy with the decisions, they do not disturb you? You perceive criticism?

Bush : Yes, the criticism, obviously, partly is present. I listen that people speak. I am quiet for the decisions. Absolutely. Our country attacked, and I promised to the American people to do the utmost, that it to protect. And threat still is. The best way of protection - an attack. And we operate not one, and together with allies... If democracies do not help each other I will not be quiet for the world and stability.

the Question : That is left you do not feel yourselves?

Bush : Absolutely is not present. On the contrary. I feel that we conduct this long-term struggle together with set of strong allies.

the Question : to you remains one and a half year in power. What you see America and its role in the world of years through 10 - 25? And still: in the Eastern Europe there is a sensation that Russia uses the power resources as the political tool. At you is though any lever for influence on Russia in power safety sphere?

Bush : First of all I gather “ To run to finish in sprint rate “. It is necessary to make more many. Here both Iraq, and Afghanistan, and struggle against a HIV AIDS, and struggle against hunger, both non-distribution questions, and ecology. It is a lot of cares and at home. Taxes here should low be kept. I think, much still we will be in time.

My care of America: that our country has never turned in izoljatsionistskuju, the protectionist nation. We had in the past such tendencies. I do not say that now so, but I am afraid, as though it does not happen in the future.

it is easy to tell: a pier, a competition it is too strong. Let`s not trade. Or that is too difficult to struggle with terrorism, it is too difficult to advance democracy. Let`s be receded supposedly. I think, it would be for America an enormous error. I hope, and in 15 years America will help other countries to advance freedom business.

As to power, has put here in what. You are disturbed by deliveries of power resources, and me - too. Whence them to take? Therefore our strategy - a diversification. You want to weaken dependence on oil - think out other ways of a food for motor vehicles.

My purpose - to make America almost completely oil independent of foreign suppliers. Such purpose should be and at others whom it disturbs.

correspondent ITAR - TASS in Washington Andrey Shitov, specially for " Has prepared; “.