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In Tatarstan there has passed a meeting of heads of tax services EvrAzEs

Yesterday in capital of Tatarstan has passed at once two large actions taxes - XXI session of heads of tax services at Integration committee EvrAzEs and XII session of Coordination council of heads of tax services of the states-participants CIS became which theme of discussion.

this year the meeting of heads of tax services at EvrAzES passed under the chairmanship of the Russian side. Therefore the meeting place option has been given Russia. According to the head of Federal tax service, the chairman of the council of heads of tax services EvrAzEs Michael Mokretsova, long it was not necessary to choose.

- Following the results of last year rates of economic development in Tatarstan were above, than on the average across Russia, - he has underlined. - Besides our colleagues from member countries EvrAzEs and the CIS have expressed desire to look on a concrete example as the tax service in Russia works. Moscow all already saw not once, and here some participants of a forum have arrived to Kazan for the first time.

we Will remind, the Euroasian economic community is the international economic organisation allocated with functions, connected with formation of the general external customs borders of the countries entering into it - founders - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia and Tajikistan, and also development of a uniform external economic policy, tariffs, the prices and other components of functioning of a common market.

As to themes of yesterday`s sessions, heads of tax services at Integration committee EvrAzEs have gathered to give the analysis to results of the work, to exchange experience concerning control of subjects shadow Economy and applications in practice of indirect methods of the taxation and also to adjust an information exchange between tax services. During a meeting participants also have discussed tax laws of the different countries. The weight of examples of how essential tax changes worry today the states-participants CIS has sounded. For example, for the past year in the Kirghiz Republic with 20 to 10 percent the profit tax rate has fallen, and surtax for physical persons has stopped on a uniform mark for all in 10 percent. Considerable decrease in taxes has concerned also Uzbekistan, there rates of the excise tax to oil products have reconsidered towards reduction. On a question of the correspondent whether any decisions which could pull together tax laws of the different countries have been developed, Michael Mokretsov has answered:

- We are not ready to offer yet an optimum variant for all. Today we ascertained only distinctions which have occurred for last year in tax laws in Russia and in other member states EvrAzEs. It was found out that they essentially differ in a direction. If throughout last year in Russia solved questions of tax administration and were engaged in procedures of tax control therefore the legislation became more and more liberal in relation to tax bearers outside of our country there were the processes directed on stimulation of economy through decrease of tax rates.

But, perhaps, most important question which was discussed yesterday by participants of a forum, is a tax control in sphere of manufacture and a turn of spirit, alcoholic and spirtosoderzhashchej production in member states EvrAzEs.

- The matter is that the given statisticans of the different countries, concerning export and import volumes, strongly differ, - the chairman of the council of heads of tax services EvrAzEs has told. - And it specifies that there are real possibilities for an illegal turn of alcohol. We addressed this question to working groups which work within the limits of EvrAzES - to our customs officers, and have among themselves agreed to keep control of the concrete enterprises which are engaged in manufacture spirtosoderzhashchej of production.

Following the results of meetings participants have developed recommendations about perfection of the taxation of subjects of small business, and also have developed the project of the concept of the general part of bases of tax laws of member states EvrAzEs.

Next time heads of tax departments of the countries EvrAzEs will meet in September of this year in Bishkek.