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Nikolay Kolesov became the governor of the Amur region

Yesterday country council of People`s Deputies has selected Nikolay Kolesov the governor of the Amur region.

Beginner Nikolay Kolesov - the fellow countryman from Tatarstan - was brought with itself by the plane by Far East plenipotentiary Kamil Iskhakov. He has characterised to local legislators of the protege so that the best nominee amurchanam not to find: the businessman, the effective factory manager, the Doctor of Economics, the erudite, the excellent manager. And after all as regards efficient control of the Amur region catastrophically did not carry. Today it among the most depressive among Far East subjects. A national produce now below level of 1994, coal mining has twice fallen, grain manufacture has four times decreased. But the main thing - people continue to escape from this territory. On Kamilja Iskhakov`s trope, for any head the Amur region - a collar with thorns .

the First and a mainstream - to stop outflow of the population from region. By 2012 the candidate plans to deduce an aggregate number of the population of area on million level (now it makes 873 thousand). The second - for five years to deduce area from dotatsionnyh territories in self-sufficient (now grants make 40 percent). The third - actively to restore agriculture and to return to the Amur region glory of a Far East granary. Nikolay Kolesov also wants to transform the Amur region into base of industrial, power and infrastructural development, having emphasised cosmodrome revival Free . And at last, the candidate considers as an important direction an establishment of frontier relations partner and favourable to Russia with China which is in kilometre from a building of administration of the region.

As a result from 34 deputies who were present at an emergency meeting, for 23 persons, " have voted; Against - 10. Thus, by a majority of votes Nikolay Kolesov is selected by the governor of the Amur region.

Irina Stepura