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The USA and EU have found a way to ignore position of Russia on Kosovo

Washington at EU support actually have dared to show Russia, and at the same time and Serbia, the ultimatum - agree on independence of Kosovo or this independence will be given edge bypassing the decision of Security Council of the United Nations.

On Friday in New York consultations under the draught resolution on Kosovo which in Security council have the day before brought the USA and the European Union countries have begun. In its basis the plan of Martti Ahtisaari assuming investment of the Serbian edge by the status of independence lies. we count that voting by the resolution will take place next week - has declared postpred the USA at United Nations Zalmaj Halilzad.

By words postpreda Russia at Vitaly Tchurkin`s United Nations, Americans together with Europeans can be assured that Russia their project not begins to support. Directly anybody from the Russian diplomats yet does not speak about use of the veto, but also does not deny such possibility. you have guessed that at me on mind - Tchurkin in reply to a question of journalists has told, whether Russia of the veto will apply.

And still the Russian experts on Friday were present on consultations at United Nations Security Council on American - to the European variant of the resolution. However, without the right of work on the document text. Halilzad, in the meantime, continues to hope that the Russian colleagues nevertheless will be connected to discussion.

One days prior to entering of the variant of the resolution into Security Council US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice in Potsdam within the limits of a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs G8 has made the next attempt to convince the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova in necessity of the prompt recognition of independence of Kosovo. In spite of the fact that Serbia continues to act categorically against such decision. The position of Russia, nevertheless, remained invariable. According to Lavrova, Moscow will support only that variant which will arrange both Prishtina, and Belgrad.

without having achieved from the Russian minister of support, Rice has once again decided to operate on already tested by Washington on the eve of input of armies to Iraq to the scheme. The draught resolution arranging with the USA which was accompanied by extremely sharp statement from American Gosdepa has been brought in United Nations Security Council. Kosovo - our most urgent call. Present the status - kvo edges unacceptably. Independence of region is unique desirable result - has declared Rice at once after end of negotiations with Laurel.

Further, in case of application of the veto from Moscow, Americans are ready to circumvent international law. On it it is already transparent Halilzad has hinted. It did not begin to deny the assumption of journalists of a possible unilateral recognition of the USA and the EU countries independence of Kosovo. My principle - to take steps serially - the American diplomat has informed.

the Position of Russia is based that nobody cancelled the resolution of Security Council of the United Nations behind number 1244 where it was told: Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia. Moreover, in the statement accepted in Potsdam on leadership of the law, completely supported including Condoleeza Rice, it was a question that ignoring of norms and international law principles undermines the international stability .

According to the Russian diplomats, the remained days prior to voting by the resolution Washington will concentrate efforts to that, in - the first, to win over fluctuating non-permanent members of Security Council of the United Nations, and in - the second to try to convince a management of Serbia of necessity to agree with American - the European ultimatum.


What decision as a result of signs Belgrad, obviously, becomes known in some days in Moscow. To the Russian capital there comes the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Jeremich. While Belgrad continues to express publicly hope that the international community will agree with the offer directed to the secretary general of the United Nations to Ban Ki-moon. In it Serbia insists on continuation of direct negotiations about the status of Kosovo with Prishtina.