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The Serbian general accused of a genocide

General of the Bosnian Serbs 58 - summer Zdravko Tolimir whom suspect of participation in war crimes in territory of the former Yugoslavia is arrested, has been arrested on border of Serbia and Bosnia. The prime minister of the Bosnian Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik has informed on it.

Tolimira and six more officers who have surrendered earlier to the Hague tribunal, accuse of a genocide in connection with murder by the Bosnian Serbs by summer of 1995 more than seven thousand men and teenagers in a Muslim enclave of Srebrenitsa in Bosnia.

By words the press - the secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Serbian Tamara Despenich, arrest of Tolimira was carried out in common by employees of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Republic Serbian and Serbia. According to Despenich, the question on sending of Tolimira to the Hague where it will appear before MTBJU in the near future will be solved.

During the Bosnian war 1992 - 1995 the general worked as the assistant to the commander on safety issues of the General staff of army of Republic Serbian which was headed by general Ratko Mladich.

the Arrested general occupies the third after Mladicha and the former leader of the Bosnian Serbs of Radovana Karadzhicha a place in the list of the most searched Bosnian Serbs which accuse of war crimes.