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The Indian magnate will construct for the family 27 - the floor palace

richest person of India Mukesh Ambani has shaken the country by the eccentricity. Also has drawn upon itself the sharp criticism from the public and the authorities of India.

Ambani has begun building magnificent 27 - the floor house which will eclipse itself even the French Versailles. According to the British newspaper Gardian in a building there will be a garden, a scene for private theatricals, two-storeyed improving club, a helicopter platform, and also guest apartments from glass.

In this paradise in centre Mumbaja there will live Ambani, his mother, the spouse, three children and 600 persons of attendants. They are going to move there from the chetyrnadtsatietazhnogo at home next year. Building of the Indian Versailles goes the accelerated rates. 50 - the summer magnate has already laid out billion dollars for a palace of the dream.

For Ambani this sum does not look astronomical. The businessman consider as the richest person in India. Its condition is estimated in 24 billion dollars. Company Ambani Relians is engaged in extraction and oil refining, biotechnologies, has a wide network of retail trade.

However, apparently, Ambani has appeared not enough status of the richest person of the country. He has wanted, that its house became the most magnificent not only in India, but also in all region. In the Indian society the building started by the magnate has caused sharp discontent. Even the prime minister - the minister of India Manmohan Singh has not sustained and has called businessmen for restraint and sense of proportion.

However the head of the government did not begin to reproach directly Ambani: that fairly pays taxes. Ambani has held a post of the chairman of board of directors and the operating director Relians in July of last year, after death of the father, Dhirubai Ambani, the legendary founder of the company. This appointment has been predetermined - Mukesh was the elder son in traditional induistskoj to a family. Besides Mukesh Ambani and his brother Anil actually headed Relians since 1986 when their father had a blow and it has been compelled to depart from affairs.

Importance of concern Relians for the Indian economy it is difficult to overestimate. According to the data presented on a site of concern, its sales volume makes 23 billion dollars that 3,5 percent of economic activity of India are equivalent. With concern securities there passes the most part of operations at the Bombay stock exchange.