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Having hammered in three balls to Andorra, Kerzhakov has received a badge of the deserved master of sports

Andorra we write, Croatia in mind. With such spirit football Russian national team has arrived to Petersburg, with the same spirit, having won dwarfs 4:0, the Russian team has gone to Zagreb on a match from the Croatian national team which will pass on Wednesday on June, 6th.

As well as in an autumn match with Estonians, Peter has met football players a pleasant cool, and Petrovsky - the supernotice. On Friday tickets for a match were on sale on the well-known bridge at speculators at double face value and went on hurrah. And to a starting whistle of Norwegian referee Tommi Shervena of empty seats on tribunes practically does not remain. It is interesting that widely advertised patriotic action with execution of the Russian hymn by Joseph Kobzon for the unknown reasons and has not taken place, but fans, from all Russia arrived to Northern capital to support a national team, and without that zhivenko have sung a hymn.

the Hymn of Andorra also has sounded adequately though a day before the game beginning still searched for corresponding record. Many Petersburgers guessed before game, whether Guus Hiddink in a starting lineup of the newly made owner of an UEFA Cup of Alexander Kerzhakova will put. The Dutch who was afraid of long storm a collar of visitors, has made the choice for certain taking into account native for attacking publics and has not lost. Kerzhakov effortlessly, even with some levity has made result first fifteen minutes of a meeting. At first it was helped by the defender of modular Andorra who has unsuccessfully taken out a ball directly on a foot to the forward Seville and that in a contact a parachute has sent it in a grid of the goalkeeper of visitors of Koldo Alvaresa.

And Kerzhakov has hammered in the second goal after distant transfer of Zhirkova, is quiet prokinuv a ball by begun to fuss Alvaresa. Everything that has occurred further on an ideal lawn Petrovsky it is possible to characterise, as boring training. Not especially wishing to spend forces Russians inertly attacked, not very resisting andorrtsy modestly defended. Very long only one person - Kerzhakov in the field wanted to hammer. And it has hammered in the second time in the third ball in this game. One more goal has beautifully gone in gate of visitors and replaced eks - zenitovtsa Dmitry Sychev. From the events which are worthy, it is necessary to allocate and that fact that in a break Hiddink has decided to give game practice to Alexander Anjukovu who long wiped a bench in Zenith . Anjukov has not brought. All sharp attacks began with its flank in the second time.

Right after a match president RFS Vitaly Mutko has handed over to the protagonist of a match Alexander Kerzhakovu the certificate and a badge of the deserved master of sports of Russia. Touched Kerzhakov has declared that this rank - top of sports career of any sportsman.

: Expected, what can hammer in three balls?

Alexander Kerzhakov : I promised to fans that I will try to score a goal. See - has constrained the promise (laughs) three times. By the way, I can open a small secret - I have devoted one goal to the wife, the second - daughters, and the third - to parents.

RG : At the expense of what the command could achieve a large victory?

Kerzhakov : Hiddink said to us that it is necessary to score a fast goal. It was possible to us. Andorrtsy have nestled on the collars, and at times was very uneasy to pass their protective usages. But on a class we above and consequently it is possible to consider result good.

RG : whether Be going to fill up the goal account on June, 6th in Zagreb?

Kerzhakov: We did not think yet of game with Croats. At first it is necessary to come to the senses, and then already to concentrate on a following match. I think that game will be difficult. But if we want to get on the European championship should be able to play with any contender. And it is not important - whether there will be it game on a visit or at home.

Dmitry Maltsev


Croatian national team, the leader of selection group E was content with a victory with the minimum account over a national team of Estonia in Tallinn.

  the Unique ball naturalized Brazilian Eduardo has hammered into gate of owners Yes in Silva. It has amazed gate of Estonians on 32 - j to minute. Gate of the Croatian national team were protected by the goalkeeper Moscow Spartaka Stipe Pletikosa. The former soldier Ivitsa Olich left on replacement on 54 - j to minute.

One more competitor of our national team in struggle for the permit in final tournament of Euro - 2008 - a command of Israel - also has won on a visit. In Skopje Israelis have beaten Macedonians - 2:1.

Yury Yarygin


has turned To the present thriller a match between national teams of Denmark and Sweden, acting in group F . However game has been interrupted. Now destiny of a meeting will solve UEFA.

To 26 - j to minute of the match which was passing in Copenhagen, owners already lost - 0:3. Elmander, once - Hansson has twice caused a stir. However Danes have found forces to break a game course. To a break of Agger was the first to score, and to 75 - j to minute thanks to exact blows of Tomassona and Andreasena from advantage of Swedes remains nothing.

Unfortunately, the remarkable football performance keeping in suspense of hundred thousand of fans in both countries, has come to the end ahead of schedule. The match has been interrupted on 90 - j to minute from - for attacks of the fan of modular Denmark on German arbitrator Herbert Fandelja. Incident has occurred after the judge has removed Dane Poulsena for a foul after which Swedes have acquired the right to a penalty. For the arbitrator players of modular Denmark who have quickly calmed down the raged fan have interceded. Fandel has made decision to withdraw football players in locker rooms. The infringer has been delivered in police where has given evidences about the reasons which have induced it to jump out in the field.

the Final decision about, whether the national team of Denmark will be punished by technical defeat, should accept disciplinary committee of UEFA. Except defeat with the account 0:3 punishment in the form of carrying out of following matches of Euro - 2008 on a neutral field or on the, but without spectators can wait for Danes.

Other results: the Wales - Czechia - 0:0, Iceland - Liechtenstein - 1:1, Kazakhstan - Armenia - 1:2, Germany - the Dignity - Marino - 6:0, Finland - Serbia - 0:2, Faeroes - Italy - 1:2, Bosnia - Herzegovina - Turkey - 3:2, Norway - Malta - 4:0, Albania - Luxembourg - 2:0, Slovenia - Romania - 1:2, Belgium - Portugal - 1:2, Azerbaijan - Poland - 1:3, Lithuania - Georgia - 1:0, France - Ukraine - 2:0, Belarus - Bulgaria - 0:2, Latvia - Spain - 0:2, Greece - Hungary - 2:0.