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the Six has demanded from Teheran to freeze the nuclear program for six months

One of these days in Madrid the Supreme representative of the European Union on foreign policy and safety Javier Solana has transferred to the secretary of a high council of national safety of Iran Ali Laridzhani the new offer the six the international intermediaries - Russia, France, Germany, the USA, China, Great Britain.

Solana`s Meeting and Laridzhani proceeded more than four hours. According to the Supreme representative, the new meeting will pass in two weeks, and this Friday contact " will take place;. Differently, most likely, telephone conversation during which time of Laridzhani will inform Solana the answer of official Teheran to the new offer " at first will take place; the six . It is obvious that in case of an affirmative reply the decision on the prompt carrying out of a new meeting for the coordination of date of negotiations at ministerial level will be there and then accepted.

In the Spanish capital the European commissioner has arrived from Berlin where almost two days co-ordinated with members the six the text of their general new initiative. Across Iran they did not spend a separate meeting. The coordination passed at first in Potsdam where Solana participated in a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs G8 and then in Berlin - in frameworks the four the international intermediaries across the Near East.

After these meetings on total a press - conferences Solana left, continuing something to discuss with the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovym. The Supreme representative of EU patiently waited, when journalists will ask it about a forthcoming meeting with Iranians. However the second a press - conference already came to an end, and the question all was not. And then Solana itself has decided to remind of itself. Having waited, when Rice will stop to answer last question on a situation in the Near East, he has suddenly exacted a promise and has started to speak about negotiations with Iran.

Anything new Solana to journalists and has not told. As it became known, in Madrid Solana has suggested Laridzhani to organise a ministerial meeting the six and Iran, on which the parties would receive possibility to start preparation proryvnogo agreements.

the Six demands from Teheran for six months to freeze the nuclear program. For these half a year the parties should prepare the universal document in which will be registered also definitive refusal of Iran of the military nuclear program, and the scheme of the further cooperation of Teheran from IAEA. It will give the chance to the international community to remove remained to Iranian jadershchikam questions and to discuss variants of the economic help to Iran. This help can reach granting of modern technologies for nuclear energy use in the peace purposes.

According to the experts, the new offer transferred by Solana the six speaks first of all about obvious softening of positions of Washington concerning Teheran.