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The Kirghiz opposition has suggested to unite with Russia

Oppositional incorporated front of Kirghizia initiates petition for referendum carrying out of creation of confederation with Russia.

Head of oppositionists, the former prime minister Felix Kulov intend to collect till September of 300 thousand signatures in support of idea of a referendum.

the Union with Russia does not threaten statehood of Kirghizia. Moreover, it will help to keep unity of the Kirghiz people which from - for stupid actions of the authorities has broken up into the north and the south - Kulov has declared.

He considers that Russia and Kirghizia should pass to uniform currency, co-ordinate conditions of the general customs space and joint protection of borders.

Speaking about possible reaction of Moscow to the initiative of the Kirghiz opposition, Kulov has declared: Russia can express the relation only after the decision on it will accept the people of Kyrgyzstan - through petition and a referendum. If the majority of citizens of Kirghizia approves the union with Russia, our authorities should address with this offer to a management of the Russian Federation .

In the meantime deputies of the State Duma consider creation of the similar union with Kirghizia premature.

It is a question which cannot be solved at will of one party. While in Russia this theme seriously was not discussed. Now to speak about confederation creation - it is premature - has declared the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from fraction an United Russia Oleg Morozov.

At the same time the member of parliament has expressed opinion that integration processes on space of the CIS are inevitable. And the statement of Kulova corresponds to the general understanding of that mutual integration of the countries on the post-Soviet territory should proceed.

Thus Frosts has not excluded that the initiative of Kulova is a tool of its political strike.