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Sergey Lavrov proinspektiroval Kuriles

the Screw of military helicopter Mi - 8 last times has trembled and as if has unwillingly stopped .

During this moment gone down on gangway hasty dumped by pilots the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov instantly has appeared in a sight of television cameras - the first time in the history of Russia the head of foreign policy department has arrived to Kuriles.

hardly considerably glancing at hours, Laurels patiently listened to the head of administration of village Krabozavodsky, located on island Shikotan. And that flattered by attention of the honoured guest, with visible pleasure told the chronicle weathers in these parts - even on the eve of arrival of the minister on island stood colds and there was a rain. However as by request to arrival of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has suddenly cleared up and the sun - such wonderful weather has looked out, old residents spoke, happens only in August when here comes official summer.

So from Moscow of Laurels has brought to Kuriles not only gifts to local school and the military man, but also long-awaited heat. The head of foreign policy department did not hide that its visit has fact-finding character. Lately the attention of the government to Kuriles has been extremely pointed. As the minister, " has explained; it is connected with that value which Moscow gives Asian - silently - to ocean region .

the Russian authorities have prepared the program of lifting of Sakhalin and Kuriles, having allocated for these purposes of 17 billion roubles. So partly the trip of Lavrova carried inspection character - he should see the first results of that, money already received by region has been how much effectively spent. That time of changes and for this Russian suburb has come, the minister was convinced, having visited the local school constructed one year ago. The educational institution was constructed on the money allocated with the government, and now as if inoplanetnyj the ship towers on a hill, sharply contrasting with surrounding validity. Pilots say that the school of egg colour is well visible from air and quite often serves them as a reference point. In it are engaged hardly more than 90 children.

that he has seen, Laurels remained it is happy.

On total the press - conferences on a question on destiny of disputable islands of Laurels was categorical: Moscow costs on firmness of results of the Second World War and yet does not see the mutually acceptable decision of a question on islands . That, however, according to the minister, should not disturb to all-round interaction of the Russian and Japanese business, including on Kuriles.

visiting of the closest - all about four kilometres to Japan points of Russia - islands Tanfileva became One more point in the program of the head of foreign policy department. In 1997 on island the memorable cross has been put, and the tiny chapel is some years ago erected. On Tanfileve helicopter Lavrova has met a guard of honour a local outpost. The minister has transferred it a gift for military men with gratitude for service - the computer with the network equipment.