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Authorities of the capital will not touch a monument to Pushkin

Bessvetofornoe movement around the area of the Belarus station will be established already in the middle of 2009.

the powerful underground space where the parking will take place will be formed There, - has declared during a traditional Saturday detour the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov. - Besides, we plan to carry out in this area system bessvetofornogo movements on 1 - j, 2 - j Tver - Jamsky to streets, the Butyrsky shaft and the Tver street .

we Will remind: the space under the area of the Tver outpost will have two trading floors with mnogozalnym a cinema, a parking capacity 1240 mashinomest. As a result the underground complex almost twice will exceed the vault area on a Manezhnaya Square. On the area of the Belarus station will punch a tunnel, having hidden there parking places from the area. And then and the turn will reach overlapping of the railway connecting the Belarus and Savelovsky stations, with building over them of new hotels, offices and shops.

I would like to calm all who states fears that the Pushkin Square will suffer during reconstruction. Tunnel building will not cause a loss to its external shape. The monument to Pushkin too will not suffer - the mayor has assured.

As a result of scale building to the middle of 2009 it is planned to organise bessvetofornoe movement on Big Leningradke - from the Tver street to MKAD. Already now on crossing of the Leningrad prospectus and Seryogin`s street building of two automobile tunnels comes to an end. A part of road from the Travelling palace to air terminal have lowered in 11 - polosnyj a tunnel in length of 3,24 kilometres. On each side tunnels on a surface four roads, on two on each party of highway will be cleared. On them cars can turn free to the right and on the left. The similar scheme is provided on crossings of the Leningrad highway with Festival street and Golovinsky of highway. In the end of April over the built tunnel the traffic intersection to the Ice palace on the Hodynsky field and a local high system - microdistricts near to the Travelling palace, and also razvorotnoe movement already has opened. To a power City Day plan to finish building and to open foot movement on underground transitions through the Leningrad prospectus at Seryogin`s street, a southern exit of station the Airport and also to land pedestrian crossings at Stepan Supruna`s street, Konstantin Simonov`s street and at the Shebashevsky lane. The design documentation on building of an underground pedestrian crossing on the Leningrad prospectus on crossing with Truth street is now developed. Also the offer on building of an elevated pedestrian crossing on crossing of the Leningrad prospectus with street Alabjana is studied.

it is the heaviest, experts, " recognise; to untie Leningradku and Volokolamku. Over crossing of prospectuses it is planned to construct a new platform. Thus on one to a sleeve - on a surface - cars will leave the centre on Volokolamsk highway, on other, underground tunnel - in the opposite direction, from area in the centre. Yury Luzhkov has underlined that during reconstruction Big Leningradki basically will be under construction tunnel, instead of estakadnye road outcomes. it is easier to do estakadnye variants, but when under windows a platform at Muscovites who live and without that in an uneasy place - near to the Leningrad, special pleasure will not be - the mayor has added. As he said, one of them will appear on crossing of street Alabjana and the Leningrad prospectus. Besides, through the channel around River port one more bridge will be constructed, and around the area of the Belarus station there will be a new bridge through the railway from which cars on four strips will leave from the Butyrsky shaft on Leningradku.

not less difficult outcome will appear under a Pushkin Square. On crossing of the Tver street with Passionate and Tver parkways will lay the automobile tunnel, connecting two part of the Parkway ring. Movement on a surface too will change. The left turn from parkway on the Tver street towards the centre will be excellent.