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Bilan in the company Animals and Friske has received plates Muses - TV

Over sport centre Olympic where in the fifth anniversary time passed delivery   the national award Muses - TV 2007, there was an uninterrupted maiden squeal, from time to time passing in howl. Knowing that on the award this year will arrive not only one foreign star, as in the past when it there was a rapper 50 Cent, and at once three -   groups Pussycat Dolls and Tokio Hotel, and also - megastar Christina Agilera -   little girls and boys took places at Olympic from 9 o`clock in the morning. To lucky beggars has carried in advance to get tickets of roubles on four hundred, and as a result in sport centre has gathered   25 thousand persons, and even it is more if to consider all public besieging it outside.

Of this figure rather considerable part was made by domestic stars. For them this award is not less important, than for admirers and fans. Stars think over toilets and poses, pour out on itself tons kosmeticheski and perfume. They - that know that on one of the TV channels most popular in youth ceremony will be to scroll infinite quantity of times, both all boys and girls will learn its each fragment by heart. Moreover, the award Muses - TV obviously competes to ceremony of delivery of awards of another youth, but not domestic TV channel   - MTV. Those have brought recently Pamela Anderson, and here - at once three star structures. Interesting, than competitors will answer next time?

As it is already clear from the aforesaid, the sum of the means spent for ceremony, too quite can be said with a prefix mega. It is a pity only that on these means have not trained in foreign languages of leaders, in particular, meeting on a red carpet path of the western stars of Andrey Razbegaeva. To say medium-sized domestic zvezdulkam, such, as Vengerov & Feodors a phrase Pass faster it still could, and here greet on good   German   group   Tokio Hotel or in English   porassprosit about impressions and expectations of Agileru - already is not present. Here also it has turned out that   Agilera has passed on a path as - that is modest, holding a dress hem. All only have noticed that as regards its length   it has surpassed our Jeanne Friske. It seemed that is shorter, than at Jeanne does not happen any more, but Christina has proved the return. So Vladimir Vinokur who has fairly declared meeting that waits from striptease ceremony, has appeared is almost right.

Judging by hearings, prima donna Alla Borisovna who could not from - for absence of the translator has suffered from English ignorance even and because of language ignorance to communicate to favourite actor Eric Roberts - (the brother beauties Julias Robertss) - one more guest of honour of action.

Leading ceremonies of Lera (traditionally) and Sergey Lazarev, to which after walk with a panther in Circus with stars it is already terrible nothing.   they seemed well brought up Borders and Gerdoj -   children from decent families against the third leader   - Xenias Sobchak. Truth - we will congratulate organizers - last was better, than Masha Malinovsky last time. Words and remarks of Ksjushi needed to be written down that   with success also it has been made. I stand in otstojnichke in chetverougolnichke let`s call here somebody the woman at me lobes of ears " will soon come off; mine Ah Kju - 60, and 80 is a minimum level were afraid that I will fight and pohabalju I am Xenia Sobchak, means, all will be nishtjak how to you my jambs on a scene? - all is pearls of Ksjushi. The girl has obviously coped with a problem of the leader,   in what the received skills of work klounessy in circus - because anything were useful to it so amuses public, as comprehension of the superiority over someone another. The moment, when villages Ksjusha on a twine was apogee. Well, if award delivery you can not musically sing and play, it is necessary to take other abilities.

And   registration of four scenes, both special effects, and providently put big screens pleased an eye. And among acting was on what to look.   Pussycat Dolls have shown that is not obligatory absolutely to undress to show decent ability to dance. And our group of Tokyo and   German Tokio Hotel have acted   in one style, so-called emo . A duet sang Agutin with Presnyakov, favourites   acted; Eurovisions Dima the Sorcerer, sisters Tolmachevy, group Silver suddenly replaced image.   Zemfira,   has blown up a hall of the the Strange fairy tale executed to the guitar. It has handed over to Victor Tsoy`s father the award for the contribution to fate - music. Christina Agilera, having sung four songs, has shown such level that became clear, why a true star   presumes to request to itself in Olympic a make-up room equipped not worse, than a presidential suite in hotel where it has stopped.

One ill luck - all this pleasure of life existed, as if in itself. And nominations   and nominees for the sake of whom all, actually, also was arranged - absolutely separately. Level of one and others so differed.

Unconditional winners this evening became Dima Bilan (three gold plates, two of which -   the most prestigious nominations the Best executor and   the Best album ) Animals (the Best fate - group), and also the singer, whose surname is well rhymed with a word combination the maiden squeals - Jeanne Friske   (too three plates and too the Best performer ) . Bilan   from a scene   spoke about concepts of honour, love and friendship much, but then itself admitted that anything any more does not understand. continuous deja vu he has told - probably all event has born a strong resemblance to it to the Eurovision. As to Jeanne Alla Pugacheva, handing over a plateau to group the Bandit Eros for the best   hip - hop the project has wished him the main thing - creative longevity, that their spectators   grew and matured together with them. Whether It will be possible to speak   about generation of singer Jeanne Friske, how about Alla Pugachevoj`s epoch? Here that is important, instead of service from three plates.

And a little more on advantage of similar ceremonies. When you see crying from happiness, literally words, the girls shaking hands and taking autographs at group   Tokio Hotel, you understand as for them important, that stars lighted . The correspondent managed to be photographed   With Eric Roberts also I assure that it renders such emotional influence that would be desirable povizzhat, as 13 summer   for any time; the girl. But it is not less important, that winners and conducting, and not just the invited stars, demonstirovali the highest level of professionalism and taste. That it is valid, reconsidering ceremony all year long, and remembering it already having matured, the boy or the little girl could tell to itself: instead of in vain I voted for this singer, it is valid   - abrupt .