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Nigeria: to reach Russians, gangsters insurgents have blown up an apartment door

On Sunday in Nigeria have grasped six employees of the Russian company RUSAL .

Early in the morning on two motor vehicles gangsters have intruded on territory of a housing estate of settlement of the aluminium enterprise ALSKON passed this year in the company property RUSAL also have stolen six employees of the company.

Having blown up a door in apartment in a city of the Hiccups - Abasi where employees of the company lived, they have rushed there and have grasped hostages. By the way, their number at the moment of number signing, was still specified. After that gangsters together with the captives have disappeared in an unknown direction. During this touch the driver - the Nigerian serving settlement also has been killed.

Now the embassy of the Russian Federation in Nigeria is in close contact to local authorities which undertake urgent measures on clearing of the Russian citizens.

In embassy of Russia the round-the-clock emergency response centre under the permission of the situation connected with capture of Russians is created.

the Staff is on a continuous communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and also carries out constant contacts to company management RUSAL also co-ordinates actions on clearing of the Russian citizens.

In embassy of the Russian Federation in Abuzhde have confirmed that all stolen are the Russian citizens. However have found it difficult to answer, who could make this impudent abduction. in Nigeria there are many groupings which are engaged such business . Only for last year in the country it has been stolen more than 100 foreigners - has informed the correspondent a press - the attache of the Russian embassy in Nigeria Vladimir Schwarz.

the Press - service RUSAL in Moscow also has confirmed that in Nigeria six employees of the company are stolen. However their names are not established yet.

At the same time thieves yet did not put forward any requirements. But most likely, the purpose of capture of hostages, as usual happens in this African country, the repayment is.