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The former Minister of Defence of the USA: Democratic People`s Republic of Korea the Former Minister of Defence of the USA William Perr advances now Iranians in creation of the nuclear weapon of years on five

remains the largest expert in the field of nuclear technologies and weapons of mass destruction. Its opinion on the Iranian nuclear program and other questions, concerning the international safety, represents huge interest as expresses a position of the American expert community. It was possible to take exclusive interview from Perr.

| the Iranian nuclear program remains to one of the sharpest international problems. Why Americans consider such dangerous nuclear workings out of Teheran?

William Perr | I am in details familiar with a North Korean nuclear problem as many years worked over its settlement. I have been convinced that the nuclear program of Pyongyang represents huge danger to all countries of region. But today I consider that the Iranian nuclear program can appear even more dangerous.

In - the first, the Iranian government is closely connected with terrorist groupings which struggle from the USA in Iraq. In - the second, Teheran has ideological reasons for use of the nuclear weapon. And that the most important, Iranian government is in more favourable financial situation, than the power of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Pyongyang could go on some concessions in exchange for offers of economic character. Teheran such initiatives interest in ready smaller degree.

For this reason I consider that the Iranian nuclear program not only is more dangerous, but also represents a problem which is much more difficult for resolving.

RG | How much, in comparison with Iran, developers of the North Korean nuclear program have promoted?

Perr | I think that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea advances Iranians essentially, where - that years on five. Thus, the nuclear program of Pyongyang represents more essential threat. But in long-term prospect, I will repeat, the Iranian nuclear program is much more dangerous for the reasons about which I spoke earlier.

RG | If Iran all - taki will create the nuclear weapon, what it itself will represent? Something similar to those bombs, which USA have dumped to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Or something more powerful?

Perr | It very much a complicated question. In my opinion, their weapon will be more similar to our second bomb - that which we have dumped to Nagasaki. Its capacity made about 20 kilotons in a trotyl equivalent, and the charge stuffing consisted from vysokoobogashchennogo uranium over which manufacture now and Iranians work. Certainly, it is impossible to exclude possibilities of that they will develop more difficult and powerful type of weapon. But it seems to me that it will be, more likely, a certain similarity of the bomb dumped to Nagasaki, is simple because to make it easier. Whether

RG | Are available for Iran military - means to carry out a possible nuclear attack - raketonositeli, planes and etc.?

Perr | At Iran is planes, suitable to deliver a nuclear bomb to short enough distances. I do not think that in the nearest foreseeable future Iran can place nuclear charges on rockets. It is extremely improbable. So if to speak about a way of delivery of a nuclear bomb for this purpose the plane, most likely, can be used.

RG | In your opinion, what for the nuclear bomb is necessary to Teheran? Whether it will be only means of restraint or there is a real danger, what Iran can apply it against other state?

| it is difficult to Perr to read Me thoughts of representatives of the Iranian management. However from their statements follows that the possession question the nuclear weapon has turned for Teheran to a question of national prestige.

Besides, this certain means of pressure for the states next to Iran.

With some stretch it is possible to tell that the nuclear weapon is perceived by Teheran as a safety guarantee. Though today nobody threatens Iran. It is possible to assume that the idea of creation of the nuclear weapon has appeared at a local management still in 1980 - h years, after war with Iraq. However today threat from this state does not exist any more.

RG | In reply to sanctions of Security Council of the United Nations Iran threatens to leave the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon. How you consider, how much this step can aggravate a problem? Whether it to Iran will facilitate possibility of creation of the nuclear weapon if such intention is available for it? If yes, that is whether in this case sense in sanctions?

Perr | To us was not possible to stop the Iranian nuclear program by negotiations. So I consider, it is necessary to try to apply rigid sanctions to Iran. Even if Teheran will be against it even if he will leave DNJAO.

Till now it was not possible to us to achieve any result in spite of the fact that Iran was the participant of the contract. So if it leaves from DNJAO, anything terrible does not happen. In this respect there are different opinions, but I consider that time has come to apply essential economic sanctions. It is necessary to demand the full termination of the nuclear program from Iran, and in an exchange to give it positive stimulus - serious guarantees of safety.