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Workers situated near Moscow have fed with a salmonellosis

On hospital cots with poisoning signs there are 433 working Turkish firms Enka which worked on building of the terminal of the Sheremetyevo - 3 and on a platform Ikea - Khimki Business Park . All victims - citizens of Russia, the CIS countries and Turkey. Only on Sunday the number of the diseased has replenished on 40 persons, have informed in the area government.

As Olga Gavrilenko has told the Main state health officer across Moscow Region, now 317 persons are in hospitals of Solnechnogorska, Dolgoprudnogo, Mytischi, Zvenigoroda and Odintsovo, 116 more - in the isolated boxing of boarding house Morozovka . About the first indispositions health officers have learnt from two workers on June, 20th, and at once the brigade has left in Solnechnogorsky area - in the former recreation camp the Sparkle and boarding house Morozovka . The preliminary diagnosis - a salmonellosis, has proved to be true for the third day.

poor-quality products became the poisoning Reason. It is now found out, how they have got on a table to workers. As physicians consider, the great number of the diseased says that there was it in the centralised image. As it was possible to find out, workers had dinner and had supper on building sites. According to some information, the meal was provided with nutrition unit Moscow - City . Most likely, the meat souffle prepared with use of egg became the reason of an artful salmonella. The Solnechnogorsky city Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation Infringement sanitary - the epidemiological rules, the mass disease which has entailed on imprudence or a poisoning of people .

have in passing punished also firms where victims worked. As it was found out, workers lived in insanitary conditions. Rospotrebnadzor Moscow Region has fined owners of these organisations on 20 thousand roubles. For 50 thousand roubles it has billed a television centre Ostankino to the owner Sparkles as it should keep order and cleanliness in territory of the former camp. But also to it the train of punishments, probably, will not end. The Turkish building company which workers were fallen down by a salmonella, Rospotrebnadzor together with Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Region intends to deprive of the licence.

Now that the infection did not extend and further, disinfection of sleeping cases " is spent; Sparkles and Morozovki . The local administration has organised a normal food for workers and has provided them

with all necessary for observance of personal hygiene. As has informed a press - the secretary of the governor Andrey Barkovsky, on two centres of infection quarantine is entered. it will last before situation stabilisation, - he has underlined. - Most likely, it is a question of two - three days .