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The transport tax in Moscow will grow in one and a half time

Government of capital has approved the project of the city law on increase of the transport tax since January, 1st, 2008. The decision was in this respect signed by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. Under data, already tomorrow this project can be considered at municipal duma session.

If the document will be accepted, and it, most likely, and will be, what expects more than 3 million capital motorists? Judging by the project, all who has a car capacity above 100 horsepowers, the tax becomes in one and a half time above. So, to owners of cars from 100 to 150 horsepowers, it is necessary to pay instead of former 20 roubles for a horse 30 roubles. At whom the motor from 150 to 200 horses each of them will manage in 45 instead of former 30 roubles. At capacity 200 - 250 l. With. The tax to one is planned to establish 75 roubles instead of 50. Well, and owners of the most powerful cars, with capacity over 250 horsepowers, and the tax expects the biggest - on 150 roubles for l. With. In exchange 100.

it is possible to consider This increase only as indexation of former rates of the tax which was not changing in Moscow since January, 1st, 2006, - the first deputy of the mayor, the head of a complex of economic policy and a development of the city Yury Rosljak has told to the correspondent. - The matter is that the prices for building materials, the electric power, gasoline and all the rest that is necessary for maintenance is expensive as it should be, in this time have essentially grown up. And on the other hand, continuing to differentiate taxes depending on capacity of cars, the capital stimulates Muscovites to change to a car of the smaller sizes for what also the mayor of Moscow " repeatedly called;.

And really, the most numerous army of motorists - owners a Zhiguli And old foreign cars capacity to 100 horsepowers - can not worry, their increase of the tax will not concern. They as paid on 7 roubles for horsepower so will pay and further, and who vehicles has less - capacity to 70 horsepowers, in general are released from tax payment.

Will remain in Moscow and a privilege in the form of clearing of the transport tax which Heroes of Soviet Union and Heroes of Russia, the awarded the order Glories of three degrees, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, invalids I and II groups, the former prisoners of concentration camps, and also residents of a special economic zone vnedrencheskogo the type, existing, as it is known, in Zelenograd use. Moreover, deputies of the Moscow municipal duma suggest to strengthen still a social component of the law About the transport tax . As deputy Anton Paleev has told to the correspondent, just yesterday at session of the Commission on social policy and labour relations the amendment with which help he suggests to release from the transport tax of parents, adoptive fathers and trustees of the child - the invalid was considered. such families in Moscow is approximately 20 thousand, - it has explained. - to help them it is very important, as for them the car really not luxury, and possibility to take to hospital the child, school, a garden . The new tax to the most modest foreign car like nissan - almera - the classic capacity of 107 horsepowers which will rise to 3210 roubles, will increase their expenses on the whole one thousand roubles. Colleagues have supported the initiative of deputy Paleeva. Their opinions have dispersed only in that, this help - in the form of a privilege granting the right to clearing of the transport tax, or address monetary indemnification to needing families how should look? Last point of view was defended by the representative of department of social protection, objecting to to continue to produce blindly privileges. Have converged that the final decision will be accepted during project discussion by all deputy case.

the Big part of motorists in Moscow is excited at all with the size of the tax, they are ready to pay it if only on the Moscow roads it was possible to go, instead of to stand in stoppers . For old Audi I should spread now more than 9 thousand roubles a year instead of former 6 thousand, - Muscovite Alexey Pukhov has estimated on itself. - no anything against it I have, I want to be assured only that the raised money of the power will start up really on building new and improvement of available roads, instead of it is simple in the general copper when you will not understand where they have left .

As Yury Rosljak, for what - that has explained to the correspondent, and for it Muscovites can be quiet. Till this year in Moscow the special road fund essentially remained, and means from the transport tax went exclusively only to it, - he has told. - since January, 1st, 2008 according to the federal legislation all funds will be eliminated, and in a city the system of unity of cash desk to which will get now and the transport tax will be entered. Nevertheless we will trace, that this money was used strictly for the designated purpose - Yury Rosljak has assured.

However, hardly it is necessary to suspect authorities of the capital that they can where - nibud umyknut these of 4,7 billion roubles (expected gathering of the transport tax in 2007, according to an economic policy and development of the city complex). Especially, if to mean that as a whole in the capital budget this year it is put on repair of highways and road building it is essential more - an order of 80 billion roubles.