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The airport between Kharkov and Belgorod all - taki will construct

Building international Russian - the Ukrainian airport will move a little in the nearest future - at last - that the question on object financing is solved.

At the taken place meeting of representatives of frontier areas budget cost of the airport and all its infrastructure - 1,2 billion dollars has been declared, 1800 hectares of the earth are already redeemed. In the nearest future in northern capital experts of institute of civil aircraft will begin   design works.

we Will remind that for the first time the idea about building of the huge air terminal on border of Ukraine and Russia has been sounded by head of area Evgenie Savchenko two more and a half a year back. However since then has passed already a lot of time, but the project and remained on a paper.

As, the adviser of the governor of the Belgorod region Vitaly Shishkov has told about any concrete terms while to speak still early, " to the correspondent; - business delicate and big, therefore it is not necessary to think of building of object of such scale . Besides, Vitaly Vladimirovich has informed that investors plan to pay back investments for ten years of work of the terminal.

At the same time there are some doubts in necessity of building of one more airport in this zone. The main argument of sceptics - now in frontier areas exists some airport terminals which are not used to the full, - Kharkov, Voronezh, Belgorod. However supporters of idea have the, more powerful arguments. The large terminal such on border is simply necessary, - Vitaly Shishkov is convinced, - it will serve not only the Ukrainian and Russian carriers, but also becomes important transit transport knot in system of the international goods traffics going both from Europe, and from Asia, and one of advantages of the new airport is the successful site .