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In Magnitogorsk religious extremists

As regards 2 articles 282. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation the Organization of activity of the extremist organisation to each of this Trinity threatened till two years of imprisonment. However the world judge of the second site of Right-bank area of Magnitogorsk has decided that for correction of the young men, not had time to make anything irreparable, enough seven-mouth vacation in a colony settlement.

All three founding fathers of a cell Hizb ut - Tahrir al Islami in Magnitogorsk well-known to law enforcement bodies. All last year they actively participated in activity of religious association, got the special extremist literature and extended it among townspeople, in passing selecting candidates for involving in party.

As have informed in UFSB areas, the head of a cell became magnitogorets to Musa D, in adolescence trained in Islamic university in Pakistan where to it have given ideas of nonconventional Islam. Having come back home, Musa has been noticed in attempts to collect round itself adherents the new Koran all this time it supported contacts to citizens of the Arabian states.

the Second member of a cell Timur F by miracle has avoided punishment for participation in activity Hizb ut - Tahrir al Islami in territory of Bashkiria. In 2005 it has been stopped by law enforcement bodies. And as at a search pomegranates have been found out in the detained extremists, an explosive, pistols and ammunition to them, all of them have received from 3,5 to 8,5 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. Timur F has escaped, as at the moment of arrest was on the journey, working as the courier and coherent between cells in Bashkortostan and in Southern Ural Mountains. He has managed to take out the propaganda literature from republic and has hidden it in a hiding place. After a while it has been found out in Magnitogorsk.

In August of last year Muse and Timur were adjoined by Uzbek Ismailzhan T consisting in Hizb ut - Tahrire since 2001 and immediately recognised as adherents the teacher.

Hizbuty Regularly visited a city mosque, adjusted mutual relations with interesting them in respect of the subsequent recruitment by Moslems, preferring youth (to Tatars, representatives Chechen, Dagestan, Uzbek, Tadjik zemljachestv, to Bashkirs and Kazakhs). It became for preparation so-called a human reserve . The Moslems sympathising ideas of radical Islam First of all got out. With those who supported actions of insurgents of illegal military formations of the Chechen Republic, worked individually.

Study spent directly in-home. Under the literature taken out from Bashkiria suggested candidates to conduct abstracts. One of such employment was visited also in December of last year by employees of department UFSB and the Department of Internal Affairs of Magnitogorsk. Except organizers of a cell at secret meeting there were three more persons who hired during that moment.

writing-books have been found In other apartment except the extremist religious literature for studying of the Chechen language, videorecording diversionno acts of terrorism performed by illegal armed formations. Photos of the destroyed buildings and the Chechen insurgents were stored in the computer. And photos of the last were stored in a folder with the name Ours .

In the expert opinion of linguistic judicial examination it is said that the used literature, including hand-written, forms negatively estimated installations at Moslems in relation to representatives incorrect the states to which authors of texts carry the USA, Israel, Great Britain and Russia. In a number of statements remarks concerning these states " express aggressive and aggressive, as a matter of fact being appeals to war;.

the Comment

Marina Gorlevsky, the employee of group of public relations UFSB on the Chelyabinsk area:

- to Creation of a Magnitogorsk cell Hizb ut - Tahrir al Islami some factors promoted at once. First of all resolute actions of law enforcement bodies of Bashkiria, promoting to expression ideology and its carriers for republic limits. Including in our area. In the second, high suggestibility of guest workers and migrants from republics of Central Asia. And, in the third, absence what or preventive maintenance among the population. I will notice that a sentence to a Magnitogorsk cell - already the third under the account concerning adherents of this religious group in Southern Ural Mountains.