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Muscovites prefer to charge repair in apartment to professionals

Muscovites any more do not want to glue with own hand wall-paper, to paint walls and to re-make floors in own apartments. According to the data of last research ROMIR third of inhabitants of capital involve for updating of an interior of experts.

More often they order installation of system of ventilation (in 67 percent of cases) and re-planning, erection of walls (in 61 percent). One use private repair brigades, others prefer to address in specialised firms. More expensively, but and is more qualitative.

Poll has shown that change of scenery in own dwelling last five years two thirds of Muscovites without dependence from a floor, formation, marital status were engaged approximately. Thus more often - in 83 percent of cases - townspeople were limited to that wall-paper re-stuck.

Among those who has updated an interior in the house less than year back, there are more than young men at the age from 18 till 24 years (39 percent), and among those who repaired the dwelling more five years ago, on the contrary, - respondents is more senior 60 years (40 percent).

it is natural that repair Muscovites with the high income is more often do: such 34 percent. And here people, do not hold out whose salaries to average, change shape of the dwelling not more often than time in five years (36 percent interrogated). 11 percent of respondents have answered that in general never did repair in apartment in which live.

Further researchers have taken an interest: and what particularly repair is preferred by Muscovites? It was found out that every second inhabitant of capital last time did partial face lifting. Every fifth - has completely updated an interior. 15 percent interrogated have made major repairs, 12 percent of participants of poll have made partial major repairs.

the Most widespread kind it is repair - painting and decorating among participants of poll it has appeared poklejka wall-paper (it 83 percent interrogated were engaged). On the second place there are painting works which spent two thirds of respondents. About half interrogated (49 percent) carried out plaster works and tsiklevku floors, approximately have as much replaced to the sanitary technician (47 percent). Practically third of interviewees was changed by doors, have as much updated floors and have established tiled and ceramic coverings. More quarters of respondents have made replacement of windows. 23 percent of the interrogated have spent electroinstallation works, 17 percent have established false ceilings.

If several years ago Muscovites spent holidays for closely to be engaged in the house now in increasing frequency cause professionals. It was found out that services of experts third of inhabitants Pervoprestolnoj (34 percent interrogated) now uses. It and is correct. After all, as practice if with own hand undertook repair shows, it will be already impossible to stop.