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The militia has spent seizure of documents in the Russian fund of federal property

Yesterday in the morning in Moscow employees of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district have started for a long time planned operation - to interrogations, searches and seizure of documents in offices of some officials of the Russian fund of federal property which is located on Leninsk the prospectus, the house 9.

In Central administrative board to the correspondent have confirmed that the militia operates within the limits of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation of criminal case raised under article 164 about plunder of the entrusted property.

This criminal case have raised one month ago. As have told sources in law enforcement bodies, detectives have received the operative information on frauds with so-called aloof, that is confiscated or property in abeyance. Officials of the Russian Federal Property Fund have suspected that they is illegal pereprodavali the goods which have been transferred them to responsible storage. These goods under the law should be exposed on auction, and the means obtained from their realisation, to direct to the state budget. But enterprising employees forged documents and released to kindly necessary people at cut prices. Certainly, they received generous commission fee for these transactions.

the militia and businessmen who did illegal business with officials of fund Checks.

Scales of frauds as our informants in the law enforcement bodies, impressing hint: it is a question of millions roubles. While the militia checks data on transactions only a personal estate.

In the interests of the investigation surnames of suspects are not called. Sources do not exclude that depending on results of searches can follow and detention of concrete citizens.