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To rural businessmen will entrust the corporate markets

Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev it is assured that the power should be engaged in a commercial policy at regional and regional levels . The organisation and building of the co-operative agricultural markets, in opinion minselhoza, will give the chance to Russians to buy cheaply fresh production, and to small manufacturers - to sell the production at the fair price.

Alexey Gordeyev considers that in new co-operative societies all completeness of the power will belong to agricultural commodity producers. And accordingly they will distribute a surplus value among themselves.

It was the big illusion, and we, thank God, have got rid of it that the farmer or a large personal farmstead can independently enter the markets - head minselhoza Alexey Gordeyev at session of working group under the national project " has declared; agrarian and industrial complex Development Which has passed in Cheboksary. The minister considers that the large organisations can adjust sale properly, and the state should help to unite in them small rural businessmen.

These small are together not too small. In the country operates 18 million personal part-time farms, and together they give about half of Russian foodstuffs. However, precisely to define their contribution to people livelihood difficult. Recently Alexey Gordeyev has informed, for example, that according to the All-Russia agricultural census, potato manufacture in LPH has appeared almost for 30 percent more low, than was considered earlier. And still without meal from farmsteads the country would not endure the first years of reforms, and now with the big pressure looked in a mouth to importers of the foodstuffs.

Thus the problem of an exit of a rural court yard on the Russian agrofood market was sharp even in crazy 1990 - e years. The countryman obkladyvajut such tribute (both white, and sulphur) that the Tambov potato becomes more expensive Sudanese, but any profit to the peasant does not bring. And on the brink weeding the price in general the secondhand dealer dictates. And, of course, tries to lower it as it is possible more low. As a result - paradox. The manufacturers who have grasped in new Russia half of the market of the foodstuffs, remained are poor, as church rats.

the National project agrarian and industrial complex Development in general, even has a little aggravated this problem. Small rural businessmen took already more 300 thousand credits for manufacture development. And really it have lifted. And new trade channels of the foodstuffs open more slowly and more difficultly, than nagulivajut sides of a pig and type weight cabbage heads of cabbage.

Though if to look at figures, all goes well. Last year, according to Rosstata, sales of production of personal part-time farms have increased for 10,3 percent. And the total volume of sales of the foodstuffs in the markets has grown for 14,2 percent. In what then a problem? And that if to consider a rise in prices, 10,3 percent in roubles are a zero in kgs of vegetables and heads small and a horned cattle. And an increase on sales in the markets bananas from Ecuador give, oranges from Morocco and pineapples from Philippines which for the clear reasons reign on counters of the collective-farm markets. Attempt to expel them therefrom always turns around fiasco. Here, for example, rather recent initiative of the Moscow authorities which have released a considerable quantity of trading places for the Russian manufacturers, has ended practically with anything. Farmers and owners LPH have not rushed an avalanche to win the desired capital market. In - the first to feed a pig and to sell pork is nevertheless absolutely different employment. In - the second to get in Belokamennuju - an uneasy problem. I by the car with spetssignalom cannot drive to Moscow, - Alexey Gordeyev has exclaimed, obviously meaning stoppers. - and how the farmer will get on the market?

One and a half years ago on start of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development in the country operated only 911 agricultural consumer co-operative societies, from them 161 - snabzhenchesko - marketing. For 2006 have created 1055 co-operative societies. And still almost 500 - this year. But it is good, if 600 from new associations really operate. Banks are ready to give them credits, the state - to subsidise interest rates, but new co-operators have simply nothing to put in bank to take the credit. They do not have own means to build business. And in villages, and even areas sharply there are no qualified people who would be a good judge of the finance, marketing, logistics. And besides would possess sufficient will to do business. Therefore in process of cooperation which in an ideal should begin from below, the power actively interferes. More half of regions of the country have created mortgaging funds to have possibility to be charged before bank for the co-operative societies. In Chuvashiya which is, of course, chosen by a venue of working group under the national project not casually, building of the co-operative markets begins. Alexey Gordeyev, for example, has put the first brick in the basis of such construction in the city of Kanash.

While, however, it is difficult to understand, what price policy there will be messages the owners LPH who have yearned on profit and small farmers. Whether there will be a potato in the co-operative markets the same road how peaches on those markets, what already successfully trade? But time the power incurs responsibility for creation of co-operative societies, to it, probably, subsequently any time it is necessary to regulate the prices in the country markets. But the main thing that it did not become tradition.