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Minzdravsotsrazvitija and the Russian Academies of Medical Science have opened road transplantologam

In March of this year of leading experts - transplantologov have collected in minzdravsotsrazvitija.

It there was the original consultation, which purpose one: to define, which bodies and fabrics in Russia can be replaced. To whom the right of change of those or other bodies is given. Who, can take away which bodies.

the joint order published today minzdravsotsrazvitija and the Russian Academy of Medical Science became Result of a consultation also.

Without exaggeration, it marks a new and very essential boundary in the most complicated direction of medicine. Especially if to remember a shameful situation with infinite judicial proceedings so-called affairs of doctors - transplantologov .

we will remind, it has begun since April, 11th, 2003. Also lasted almost four years while the Supreme court has not taken out a definitive verdict: doctors of what are not guilty.

But the damage of domestic transplantology has been put the enormous: the quantity of operations on a spare-part surgery was reduced three times. Doctors were afraid of repetition of a situation which has occurred in 20 - j to the Moscow hospital when in operational police officers have rushed and have detained physicians.

According to the most conservative estimates, annually a spare-part surgery in Russia need more than five thousand persons. And from - for so-called business of doctors in a year it was spent no more than 400 operations. For comparison: in the USA - 20 thousand.

After the final decision of the Supreme court our service has started to rise little by little on feet. We will tell, this year in Moscow 100 kidneys are already replaced. And for all last year have replaced only 160. For the first time according to the order in Russia in the list of bodies and fabrics - objects of change are included endokrinnye glands, intestines. Though the need in transplantation of these bodies is known for a long time, those for whom they are necessary for life rescue, it is a lot of. It is important that the list very detailed that in it temporal fastsija, sinews long sgibatelja a thumb and so on, say, are mentioned.

the List of the establishments which are carrying out change, cannot be to constants. It changes and will change henceforth. In it there will be new establishments of different submission - federal, municipal, departmental. For example, in Moscow the Institute of first aid of a name Sklifosovsky became the new centre of a renal transplantation.

In the order it is designated and where, which bodies can be replaced in this or that establishment. To military hospital of a name of Burdenko the right to a renal transplantation, for example, is granted. And Military - medical academy of a name of Kirov - kidneys, hearts, easy, corneas. Not less important and that the order to each establishment are attributed the patients. So, inhabitants of the Novosibirsk region can replace a kidney in Novosibirsk regional hospital. At inhabitants of St.-Petersburg two Nephritic points and one for lung change. And all clinics which can replace bodies, while in Russia 65. And to 62 establishments the order grants the right to a fence of bodies.

the Regulation in our branch where any medical problem intertwines with ethical, moral, is extremely important. The published order gives such regulation to us. That is why instal optimism: the spare-part surgery will grow, so, and the rescued lives becomes more. And this main thing.

Have prepared Natalia Kozlova, Irina Krasnopolsky

      the comment

Pavel Astakhov, the lawyer:

- In February of this year changes have been made to article 4 of the Law of the Russian Federation About transplantation of bodies and (or) fabrics of the person . Due to a misunderstanding and to oversight of legislators by parts of 1 and 2 articles 4 of the Law earlier it was established that in a fence and preparation of bodies and fabrics public health services official bodies can be engaged only, and transplantation was resolved only in specialised establishments. As a result a number of medical institutions of a municipal accessory dropped out formally of that work in which participated always.

On the given situation the State Office of Public Prosecutor in connection with concrete problems organnogo has paid attention of a donor service to territories of Moscow and Moscow Region. After entering of amendments the text looks as follows: the Fence and preparation of bodies and (or) fabrics of the person, and also their transplantation are carried out in state and public health services municipal authorities . After this changes have been brought in lists of establishments of public health services it is authorised to them to be engaged in the given activity at federal and regional levels also. It is important, that from - for formal establishments the people needing the help did not suffer, the system organnogo donor services should be debugged in territory of each region. The state of affairs at which necessary medical aid can be rendered actually only in the several specialised centres, cannot be recognised by normal as according to the Constitution, according to Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens the right to health protection is guaranteed to everyone, irrespective of where he lives.