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In Ukraine Carlson became the Cossack, and Russian is forced out from schools

“ I   the Cossack at povnomu rozkviti rock willows! “ - so from the screen Carlson who lives on a roof, instead of well-known " now speaks; I the man in the blossoming of forces “. Schoolboys study “ Evgenie Onegina “ Pushkin and “ Dead souls “ Gogol on hrestomatijam in the Ukrainian transfer. Whether it is possible to stop Russian replacement in Ukraine? How to protect the rights of the people, wishing to tell and train the children in Russian? Why there is a question on its status? These and other questions in a Year of Russian were discussed by participants international scientifically - practical conference “ Russian in the polycultural world “ just ended in Crimea.


Officially in Ukraine in every possible way underline that to Russian threatens nothing, especially at school. So, according to the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of Jeanne Koshkinoj, “ Russian is at schools of Ukraine, and we work perfectly, is the whole three official programs on Russian studying “. Koshkina asserts that in Ukraine 1305 schools with teaching in Russian and nearby 2000 where there are classes with training Russian work. As a subject Russian study more than 1,5 million pupils.

This optimism is not divided by the chairman of the Ukrainian association of teachers of Russian and the literature the professor Lyudmila Kudryavtsev. It has reminded that in the law on languages is written down that “ studying at all comprehensive schools of an Ukrainian and Russian of languages is obligatory “.

According to association, 75οπξφενςξβ parents want, that their children studied Russian. But the quantity of Russian schools is constantly reduced: in their 1999 was 4633, now - hardly there is more than thousand. They can capture only 10 percent of pupils that does not correspond even to the official statistics of the ethnic Russian living in Ukraine (17,3 percent). In Kiev, for example, remains only six Russian schools.

- the Statistics holds back, in skolkih schools to parents has been refused right to give to the child of knowledge on Russian. The whole generation of young ethnic Russian which do not own the written form of a native language has already grown, - Lyudmila Kudryavtsev ascertains.

In spite of the fact that 10 - I article of the Ukrainian constitution guarantees “ free development, use and protection “ Russian and other languages of national minorities also obliges the state to promote studying of languages of the international dialogue, Russian gradually, but is purposefully forced out from all spheres of life of a society. New laws, for example “ About advertising “ and “ About legal proceedings “ Demand to use in these spheres exclusively Ukrainian state language. In public authorities and local government the interdepartmental instructions ordering to a message office-work in an Ukrainian operate.

not less rigid “ language “ politicians privately adhere and on the Ukrainian television. The announcement is regulated by the National board memorandum on television which orders to private TV channels to duplicate without fail on the Ukrainian language all Russian-speaking telecasts.

the People`s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Kolesnichenko considers that destiny of Russian in Ukraine - a policy illustration derusifikatsii. Between two last vseukrainskimi population censuses 1989 - go and 2001 the quantity of those who considers itself as Russian and speaks Russian, was reduced to 26,6 percent. That is 2 million person were Russian and have suddenly ceased to be them.

- Many did not leave them anywhere, but have due to various reasons ceased to consider itself as Russian, - explains Kolesnichenko. - Today in Ukraine “ it is unprofitable “ to be Russian.

- Russian in Ukraine has appeared the hostage of ambitions of politicians and the creative intelligency, aspiring to the prompt integration with the West, - the director of Institute of archeology of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the doctor of historical sciences academician Peter Tolochko considers. - Russian it disturbs.

With it the chairman of the board of National civil council about the international affairs, a member of Public chamber Sergey Markov agree. He is assured that in Ukraine goes cultural - the linguistic war which purposes nobody hides - to liquidate Russian and to break identity 50 - the million people. For the sake of it it is possible to copy history, to create artificial conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, to enter visas.

the Majority of those to whom Russian of roads, want to see it only the second state.

Other opinion was stated by the director of the Ukrainian branch of Institute of the CIS countries Vladimir Kornilov: “ the Trouble of Russian organisations that they, protecting Russian, struggle only for the status of the state. Statuses regional, official or language of national minorities were not considered, and in the meantime Russian rights were restrained “. According to Kornilova, of course, it is necessary to struggle for two state languages, but to remain realists and not to forget that according to 10 - j to constitution article in Ukraine can be only one state language - an Ukrainian. To change the organic law though and it is possible, but it is difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to hold a referendum.

Sergey Markov is assured that struggle for Russian - the pure policy. And to protect it it is necessary political methods, instead of philological.

Russia, in its opinion, should use the best efforts, that Russian became favourable for using. For this purpose it is necessary to develop formation in Russian, to expand Russian information field and, the main thing - actively to develop business cooperation.

the Ukrainian deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko insists that language can be advanced seriously at local political level: decisions on Russian support are already accepted by the Crimean city council, Sevastopol and Donetsk.

- Such city councils which can in the lawful ways support Russian, still it is a lot of in Ukraine, - he speaks. - if they will unite, it is possible to achieve for Russian of the status regional.

But except general-political decisions much depends on how citizens protect the rights. Vladimir Kornilov considers that Russian communities should address is more often in court. It has reminded, as representatives of the film industry, having been frightened for the business, have brought an action against the State cinema, obliged to duplicate all films on the Ukrainian language. They have won, and officials have been compelled to recede. Have However, recouped on children`s films and cartoon films - now all production for children is duplicated on the Ukrainian language. In Kiev does not remain any cinema where it is possible to look with the child at an animated cartoon in Russian. Whether

animated cartoons and fairy tales in Russian Are necessary to children in Ukraine? Teachers of Russian objectively can answer this question, perhaps, only. Thanks to Pushkin competition for teachers - specialists in Russian philology which a seventh year spend also the government of Moscow, teachers can openly tell that occurs.

- All is very rational and pragmatic. Children study that language on which are going to receive a trade in high schools, - the teacher of Russian from Rovno Anna Mazurok tells. - Only the tenth part of our children goes to study to Russia, about a quarter arrives in the East Ukrainian and Kiev high schools. The others go to Poland and to whom means - in high schools of Germany allow, France and Americas.

- Any damage Russian introduction as state will not put to the Ukrainian language, - teacher Pavel Osminin from Kherson is convinced. - all depends only on a society. Russian-speaking school in Ukraine - the phenomenon unique: officials wait, when it at last will disappear, and sane parents continue to train children in Russian.