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Terrorists have hung out on the Internet a videoclip with the reference of the stolen journalist

to Blow up the journalist of the British radio telecaster of Bi - bi - si - 45 - summer Alan Dzhonstona its thieves from little-known and as assume, criminal grouping " promised; Islam Army .

Johnston have stolen on March, 12th in Gaza Strip. Since then trustworthy information about destiny of Johnston did not arrive. However on Monday on one of the Internet - sites there was a videorecording of the reference of the journalist. In almost two-minute videoclip that has declared: As you can see, on me a belt with an explosive. Thieves promise to blow up it in case of any attempt of storm of a place where me contain. My thieves have told to me that promising negotiations about my clearing have been interrupted from - for intentions of grouping HAMAS and the British government to solve a question force. And now a situation very serious . The journalist has addressed to the authorities of Great Britain and to members HAMAS with the request to refrain from the power decision of a question.

So through the Internet criminals from Islam Armies have answered plans of heads of the grouping which have seized power in Gaza HAMAS to release the British journalist power methods. Past Friday the head of the Political bureau HAMAS Haled Mashaal has confirmed on a press - conferences in Damascus: HAMAS has come into contact to thieves of the journalist.

By the way, on Monday has expired term of the ultimatum, shown HAMAS to thieves. A grouping management, addressing to supporters, has declared: We will not allow to keep the British journalist. Alan Dzhonstona`s problem should be closed .

Islam Army the repayment in two million dollars demands in exchange for life of the journalist. And also clearings from the British prison of the radical cleric known for Abu Katada under a name, serving time on charge in cooperation with Al - Kaidoj .