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Gordon Brown left a shade and has taken Britain without striking a blow

Brown has taken Britain without striking a blow. On replacement of a vacant post of premieres - the minister it was not required to declare competition. Labourites did not begin to trouble themselves with inner-party elections: competitors simply it was not found out in Brown.

After the announcement Blair dates of the leaving all probable candidates have hasty removed the nominees, having given voices to the chancellor of exchequer. Past Sunday on extreme partkonferentsii in Manchester Brown simply have confirmed head of the Labour party.

the Introduction into a post of the new British prime minister becomes thus, under the caustic remark of the British commentators, rukopolozheniem or crowning .

the dry, suitable characteristic for a staff department of the new head of the British government Here is how can look. Age - 56 years. Was born in a family of the cleric. A nationality - the Scot. Formation - the higher, has finished branch of history of the Edinburgh university. A member of the Labour party from a student`s bench. Since 1983 - the deputy of parliament from the Labour party. From May, 1997 till June 2007 - go - the chancellor of exchequer of Its Majesty that corresponds to a post of the Minister of Finance. It is married, has two children. A hobby - a policy.

And now, being expressed by a mathematical language, we will remove the brackets and we will try to decipher all it. The base of outlook of Brown is based on ideas of a working socialism with the subsequent drift in a direction new an ideal in the person eks - heads of the American Central Bank Alan Grinspena.

In university years the new British prime minister has been carried passionately away odnokashnitsej - living in Britain in exile by the successor of the Romanian throne by princess Margaretoj, prapraprapravnuchkoj English queen Victoria. The ardent novel of a loving couple lasted five years then Gordon has changed to the princess with the Labour party.

In student`s years, during a match on Rugby football, has received a strong mutilation - eye wound after which hardly has not gone blind. It some feature of its sight speaks - the mutilated eye seems motionless.

In 32 years it is selected the deputy of parliament from the Labour party and already at this stage does a sketch of structure of the future cabinet. About it say that it so we will gain a policy, what not vysmorkaetsja in a handkerchief before will not count what it will have political consequences.

Definition of its personal qualities has the extremely inconsistent character: The gloomy intriguer sowing conflicts delicate, generous, with magnificent sense of humour the politician reliable, but sensitive and vindictive . All composed converge, however, to that Brown - mind chamber . In respect of intelligence and gravity it outweighs Blair. For obstinacy and an unbending will has received a nickname the iron chancellor . One more nickname - Stalin .

Gordon Brown, however, has appeared too bright figure to fade for a decade in a shade of the boss - Tony Blair

Is modest in a life, is self-denying in work, but is at all deprived charisma and blerovskogo charm. Will publicly never drink the cook - kolu from banks as it was made by Tony. And also will not be informally to sit with the ministers, razvaljas on sofas and without ties. Attempts to fascinate the press and public are actually doomed to a failure.

Many long years remained a bachelor. Patiently took down loud gossips about the nonconventional orientation. In 2000 married Sare Makaulej - 37 - summer nice red-haired rukovoditelnitse piarovskogo agencies. Their first child, Jennifer Jane, been born nedonoshennoj, has died ten days from a sort. In 2003 - the m was born son John, in two years - James Frejzer. Brown`s younger son suffers a heavy congenital illness - tsistitnym fibrozom.

Gordon and Sara diligently hide The private life from strangers. Unlike Blair`s couple on public Browns appear together only in exceptional cases. They have allowed to photograph the children only when Sara left maternity home with newborn.

it is Extremely improbable that Gordon Brown`s timid wife becomes the same bright character of public life of Britain, as Sheri Blair. Sara puts on is old-fashioned, practically does not use a make-up and, according to experts, urgently needs image change. Brown is reputed as the exemplary family man, but holidays on care of the child the chancellor of exchequer, unlike the of premieres - to the minister, did not take.

I am ready. I am ready to serve - so Gordon Brown has declared to British, preparing for the introduction into a post. Becoming the new head of the government, Gordon Brown does not change a residence. When Tony Blair who have handed over in the morning to the queen the application about rezignatsii, is hastily turned out with belongings from the office apartment, Gordon Brown remains where was.

In Britain the chancellor and the prime minister - the minister traditionally live under a roof of one house, in the next apartments - number 10 and number 11. Blair and Brown at settling of premises over premerskoj office have exchanged traditional places for premerskaja, number 10, it was rather small for Blairs having many children whereas Brown was for that time a lonely bachelor.

Basically tradition of delegation of power in Britain rather freakish: eks - the prime minister turn out from a familiar spot faster, than deport from the country of the failed spy, it is literally in some hours after defeat of its party on elections. Press photographers with delight embody thus all mournful plot of loading eks - premerskogo belongings in cars in the yard to the governmental office.

the former British prime minister - minister Harold Wilson has run away From so humiliating procedure in due time through a rear entrance. As to Tony Blair he has left today the power from a main entrance. As it is logical: Tony did not lose elections, it simply took and has conceded premerskoe an armchair to the old companion and the associate.

Association Blair and Brown, however, a question separate. If to trust eyewitnesses, Sheri Blair, obviously taken a dislike to Brown for an encroachment on authority of her spouse, time and again in a fit of temper shouted at the neighbour: For God`s sake, Gordon, cease so on - boorishly to concern Tony! relations of these two, eulogising each other on the public, actually were all ten years than other, rather than rigid competitive struggle.

It is known also that all last years Sheri Blair persistently persuaded the husband to expel Brown from the government. However Tony, obviously, was afraid that will not master to extend without Gordon repku a successful management of the country. Experience proved time and again to Blair that without Brown of business were not glued.

According to a legend with firmness occurring in Britain, Blair in 1994, after John Smith`s death, the leader of the party of labourites of that time, has concluded the smart bargain with Brown. At dinner at the London restaurant the Granite Tony ostensibly has convinced Gordon to remove the nominee from the list of applicants for leadership under that pretext that at it was like as more chances to seduce the British voter. Also has promised thus that in case of a victory on general parliamentary elections in due course will transfer to Brown the post. Time of delegation of power was tightened for long ten years.

All these years Brown breathed to Blair in a nape, expecting, when, at last, will be given dolzhok. Meanwhile Tony, winning for the party one parliamentary elections behind others, to give dolzhok did not hasten.

Brown, however, has appeared too bright figure to fade for long decade in a shade of the boss. Proving the right to leadership and raising a payment for a power concession, Brown has compelled Blair to make entirely in its order such huge an ancestral lands As internal policy of the country and its economy. Granting of full independence of the government to Bank of England became the first certificate of sovereign board of Brown. The chancellor of exchequer distantsiroval the premieres - the minister from the specific princedoms so it is far that business reached situations frankly improbable. When Brown has decided that Great Britain will not join uniform European currency, he has not considered it necessary even to inform on it Blair. casually having learnt about the fatal decision for the country, Tony has been compelled to address for explanations to a press - to Brown`s sitting at this time in a pub behind a mug of beer the secretary. And a press - the secretary of the chancellor has kindly explained to the head of the government that in the given parliamentary convocation Great Britain to enter euro will not be.

power Division between Blair and Brown became in due course so obvious that, according to Lensa of the Price, the former head on public relations from the Labour party, there was such sensation as if you work in the coalition government . At last, it became difficult to define, who is real rulit the country - Tony or Gordon. Obviously one: all internal policy of Britain available for today and its successful economy at the heart of the already braunovskaja .

That you will not tell in any way about the politician external. This an ancestral lands was entirely blerovskoj and Brown did not show to it almost any interest. As the new prime minister will be resolved on international scene, remains therefore the big and open question.

it is obvious that Brown considerably bolshy the eurosceptic, than Blair. It is obvious that in questions of a global policy it not dock And by the nature not God knows what diplomat. And it is exact not the showman and not the nice fellow as Tony.

the Visible political scientist, the professor of the London school of economy Michael Koks on my question on, whether will change at Brown foreign policy of Britain, has answered the following: Gordon Brown is marvellously silent in questions of external diplomacy. Directly - taki as the Buddha. Therefore something to count into this account very difficult. But it is impossible to exclude that Brown does not divide Blair`s all sights at world politics and that turns will follow .

it will be already possible to consider as the Serious turn one that unlike Tony Blair Gordon Brown will not be obvious to sit in a lap at the American president . It was especially personal fatal strastishka Tony of which it could not cure neither its government, nor parliament.

Most likely, Brown will be less loyal also to the European Union, professing a principle Friendship friendship, and money and laws separately . Africa will be its foreign policy fad. Brown we will gain aspiration to overcome children`s poverty on this continent. He does not promise an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq or investigation on intrusion into Iraq. But he already recognised the errors committed by the British government and intends to correct their assiduous restoration of Iraq.

As a whole the general forecasts converge that with bright and charismatic Blair Britanija`s leaving will look on a world scene more pale.

And here on a scene of internal political confidence with the big share it is possible to expect the big tectonic shifts. On hearings, Brown prepares variety of reforms in the field of the government in which result the role of the Minister of Finance in the near future will considerably change, and even at all will disappear. Possibly, the exchequer role as a whole will be reconsidered also. It is logical to assume that Brown thereby cuts the potential opponent, without wishing, that someone as rulil the country with it for two as he did at Blair.

In general it is rumored that Brown prepares a series of so powerful constitutional reforms that they will shake the nation literally. In particular, the visible British publicist and economist Will Hatton calling Brown the largest reformer of the British machinery of state for the last half a century foretells that Brown will become history as the politician who unlike Blair will leave after itself zametnejshee a heritage.

the Question today, however, in that, and it is what is the time released to Gordon Brown on the historical feats predicted to it?

Brown will quite possibly undertake the maneuver not counted by anybody hitherto: the announcement of general parliamentary elections much earlier, than hitherto was expected. Announcement already made Brown of appointment of the co-ordinator on elections in the name of the present minister of transport of Douglas Alexander, frankly signals that elections can take place not in 2009 - m, but spring of next year.

This outwardly risky course actually can turn back fanfares for head of labourites Gordon Brown and a funeral ring for head of oppositional conservatives David Cameron. The bravura overture own, distinct from blerovskoj, the programs, those first 100 days of board for which it carefully prepared the whole 10 years, can sharply excite actions of its government. - 2008 new prime ministers - the minister will approach to elections still fresh and not bothered. And that fact that Brown does not wish to carry the power as an old worn coat and is ready to confirm the right to leadership by the legitimate mandate from voters, certainly, only will add to it of points.