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To rank the Hero of Russia it is offered to give the statute of the higher military award

One of these days Heroes of Soviet Union - veterans of the Great Patriotic War have addressed to the country leaders with the offer to establish for a rank the Hero of the Russian Federation the statute of the highest state award. In what sense of this initiative? On this question the chairman of Coordination council of social movement " answers; Heroes - to Fatherland the Hero of Soviet Union Valery Burkov.

| In public consciousness change of a rank the Hero of Soviet Union on the Hero of Russia has occurred without serious consequences enough and to understanding of historical logic: there was no one state - the USSR, has appeared new - the Russian Federation, this logic accordingly and has edited a rank.

Valery Burkov | As to the public status of Heroes, you are right, from the moment of rank establishment the Hero of the Russian Federation the majority of Russians continue to consider him as a high state award, and to us very expensively such relation of people.

And here the rank statute, as well as any state award, is established by the power and, as a matter of fact, expresses its relation to heroism as to that, its estimation of the feat made by the citizen for the sake of Fatherland. And since Catherine II who has founded an award of Sacred George - the higher military award, - the Russian State, up to disintegration of the USSR, held tradition of the highest state estimation of heroism.

RG | But after all and new Russia, having refused awards of already nonexistent USSR, without a heroic rank did not remain.

Burkov | Yes, but at first a rank of the Hero in general wanted to abolish - as one of attributes of the Soviet power. To achieve its preservation in system of the state awards of Russia then it was possible - the rank of the Hero of the Russian Federation has been entered. But, unfortunately, it was not possible to keep its higher statute. For any ideological reasons the rank of the Hero of Russia, unlike a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union, has been deprived the statute of the highest state award. In tables of ranks of the state awards the Gold Star the Hero now costs after all awards.

We offer: let`s give to a rank of the Hero of Russia the legal statute of the higher military award, the higher degree of difference.

RG | That for this purpose is required?

Burkov | As we were written by experts from Institute of military history of the Minister of Defence of Russia, it is not enough: To introduce in the law 92 - go the year, established this rank, the amendment exactly in four words - as the higher degree of difference and in Position about the state awards of the Russian Federation a medal the Gold Star to put on the first place, before the list of awards and medals.

As a matter of fact, it becomes a recognition of the state that readiness of the citizen to offer for the sake of Fatherland supreme value - own life - and is estimated by it, the state, the higher degree of its gratitude to the person who has made a feat. In imperial Russia Heroes of Fatherland knew and all country esteemed. About Heroes of Soviet Union wrote books, shot films, posters about Heroes - Afghans hung at each school. And today propagation of feats of Heroes has ceased to be business of the state importance. The editor of one of newspapers as - that has told: In reply to editorial inquiry in competent body on granting of the information on Heroes of Soviet Union and Heroes of Russia to them have informed that these data are closed.

Today Heroes do not have economic claims to the government. Another matter, the state relation basically to heroism, to a feat - here that causes a pain and grief. We for that the state glorified the Feat, brought up on it youth. There is such theory of success. It is very well applied in America. And so, the Hero is that rank which within the limits of this theory in our country could be used very effectively for education of new generations. That, alas, does not occur today.

the Inquiry

For today of a rank of the Hero of the Russian Federation 862 persons are awarded. 337 from them - posthumously.