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Believing villages Diveevo have achieved the right to live on Soviet passport

History has begun that is more than fifty inhabitants of village Diveevo in the Nizhniy Novgorod region have decided not to receive new Russian passports.

Someone from believers diveevtsev has seen the vignettes reminding figure 6 on new passports. And the freakish pattern, actually the employee for protection against a fake, intertwines so that forms, according to people, number 666 which at believers is considered devil .

But life was included into the contradiction with protest moods of peasants. They began to address for services to the local notary, but that refused to legalise papers under the Soviet passports, asserting that they any more are not the identification card.

Fortunately diveevtsev in village has passed Day of justice Managements of Federal registration service across the Nizhniy Novgorod region - are in department such new, exit form of work with the population. Except registrars to the remote settlement there have arrived court enforcement officers, the employee of the Nizhniy Novgorod garrison military court and the president of regional notarial chamber. To them on personal reception with the same question at once 56 persons also have come. People complained that the local notary refuses to make its papers under the Soviet passports.

the Main argument of believers consisted that in the Russian legislation is not told as if passports of the Soviet sample became void. And the terms which have been taken away on their replacement, are established only for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

the President of the Nizhniy Novgorod notarial chamber Galina Naumov has promised to discuss this legal collision at session of the commission with colleagues. As a result notaries have decided that diveevtsy are really right and serpastyj, molotkastyj It is possible to consider as the document proving the identity. The main condition that its owner has changed in time a photo on reaching 25 - summer and 45 - summer age, has given in the passport a mark about the Russian citizenship or has received the corresponding loose leaf.

is not the first case when we face such problem, - Olga Miljutkina has told.

As she said, in due time management refused to register the rights to real estate and transactions with it under the Soviet passports. Then one of Bogorodsky`s inhabitants of the area, not managed for this reason to issue in the property the house, has brought an action against management of Rosregistratsii. And the court has not found any bases on which the old passport of the woman could be nullified. So, Rosregistratsija is obliged to accept its documents on registration of the property right to the house.

- Since then we work with passports of the citizen of the USSR of the sample of 1974, - the representative of management has explained.