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Ivan Dyhovichnyj: It is impossible to crucify Ksjushu Sobchak, it the slogger

One of these days security guards of fashionable capital club without assigning any reasons have not let to dance two students filfaka the Moscow State University - the future specialists under the Old Russian literature and folklore. And and dress - to a code girls corresponded, and drugs with alcohol did not use, but have not passed selection. Where there is a significant selection for any country: at universities or in night clubs? Any society is interested in high quality of the elite and in its constant reproduction. A question: what to consider the best and how to spend elimination the poor-quality?

With this question we have addressed to the known director and TV presenter Ivan Dyhovichnomu whom have found on shootings of a new film Europe - Asia .

| So Europe we or Asia? The advanced political scientists unsuccessfully try to answer this question.

Ivan Dyhovichnyj | Kohl soon we are both there and there, that, it turns out, not Europe and not Asia. And to your political scientists it will be very cheerful in our picture.

RG | And what culture, east or European, it is inherent bolshee attention to the form, appearance, all whence undertook these dress - codes and fejskontroli ?

Dyhovichnyj | I do not think that it is necessary to connect occurrence of these things with any certain place or an epoch. In Soviet period all it blossomed magnificent colour. And at restaurants was a face - control though it this word was not called. And door-keepers measured by eye, is necessary or you are not necessary behind these little tables. This tradition not with new Russian has appeared, and with the advent of toadies and boors. And it develops, starts up roots, throws out runaways.

Remember: you could not enter in spetsraspredeliteli which were only for special people? If you were not the client spetskassy at once to buy the ticket for a convenient train were problematic. The same aboard the plane. It it was necessary to do all through communications or criminal which had everywhere access so, easily passed conditional fejskontrol . To get a good meat cutting, it was necessary to know a treasured mot or to correspond defined dress - to a code . And then to you it took out with a back input . And that such all present spetszhizn : flashers, spetssignaly and spetsterritorii? All this system of the admission to a hall ? All it also is fejskontrol ! And it quite suits our officials.

RG | you faced sifting effect?

Dyhovichnyj | Certainly. And from - that I work on television to pass fejskontrol sometimes happens even more difficult. Reaction approximately the such: you Will think! In a box he speaks! never I ask and I do not argue - I leave also all. With security guards contact I do not enter also wars I do not conduct.

As - that me tormoznuli in the gay - club. I even am grateful that in time have warned about specificity. Not that that I treated badly gays. Among them many pleasant and charming people. But I do not want to be there where they have a good time and dance.

RG | And included dress - a code ?

Dyhovichnyj | Any. I usually react to the impudent fellow or the fool. In that case I include a distance . Anything other cannot spoil to me dialogue. Usual people are extremely interesting to me. And here the pathos based on the power or riches, averts. It is grateful to parents that have taught: to be the person with feeling of honour, it is not necessary to be pushed with elbows or to protect itself from life.

RG | And still present elite are those who by heart Evgenie Onegina knows, or those who has a rest in Courchevel?

Dyhovichnyj | At us consider as elite those who has earned many money and conducts friendship at the highest levels the authorities. Among the people who are engaged in creativity, under such definition representatives " approach only; a pop-music . Therefore no art elite among writers, architects, scientific, at us is present directors. Yes, there are directors whom once a week is soared in a bath with high officials. Or popular sculptors whom have allowed to force the products all capital. Or humorists who have occupied with the low-grade humour of a prime - a time on television. But it unless concerns to that in the dictionary is described initially as the best . Elite were Dostoevsky and Chernyshevsky, Pushkin and Lermontov. Therefore, when misters in tuxedos and the butterflies, going on Rolls - Royces rank itself as this layer, to me it is ridiculous. All is bosh and a dust which will blow off time.

RG | Meanwhile the society cannot exist without elite. It is the integral and important part of any society.

Dyhovichnyj | It so in the countries, where to to cream carry those who does something useful and talented - for a society, people and, forgive for a lofty style, for the country which loves. And for this purpose it is unessential to tremble before a flag or to fade before a hymn, to serve faithfully to the heads.

RG | In due time you after all too carried to gilt youth ...

Dyhovichnyj | Yes so spoke. I had very uneasy, but a cheerful and interesting youth. But, understand, in what a difference with present mazhorami : I from 13 years itself earn on life. I at this age any more did not have a father. And copeck of money was not.

RG | And the playboy named...

Dyhovichnyj | Otkreshchivatsja from these strange titles with which you award in a press or in certain circles, silly. What to do, for example, when name the playboy at all without understanding, who is who. I never wasted time on entering polemic with fools.

RG | There is, in your opinion, an advantage of what there are elite clubs? Resorts? Perhaps it stimulates to activity, work, activity?

Dyhovichnyj | It so. Other question, kakaj you personally choose a way of life and a way of achievement of success. Anything bad is not present that someone thinks of beauty of nails being the efficient person .

Understand me correctly, I not against money and riches as those. Protagonists of the great Russian literature: Chatsky, Onegin, Petchorin - were completely not poor people very even inclined to high life and pleasures. But not it has made them heroes . And melancholy from powerlessness and impossibility to do something on - chelovecheski. By the way, when all shout that is necessary to crucify Ksjushu Sobchak who, believes, present the slogger, me becomes not on itself.

RG | It is present gilt youth ?

Dyhovichnyj | Anyway is people from whom from the screen very powerful power proceeds...

RG | it is exact, students of the Moscow State University do not concern it. Anyway, in elite club modern turgenevskih girls do not start up. The security guard, which, according to the manager of this institution, very professional person probably, has considered that they will confuse habitues of club with the too intellectual kind. Why, as it seems to you, they have not passed fejskontrol ?

| And I will explain Dyhovichnyj to you. Atmosphere of the majority of places, where it is loaded public to have fun and dance, is far not the innocent. Therefore fejskontrol could arrive in relation to these little girls humanely. It is not necessary for them to be there because anything good these night adventures do not come to an end. And little girls let know: that have not started up them in this club, does not mean that they the second grade . On the contrary - they the first .