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Yushchenko there has begun criminal prosecution of the opponents of Morozova and Tsushko

the Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko has begun criminal prosecution of the opponents. Criminal cases are opened against the speaker of the Supreme Rada Alexander Moroza and Minister of Internal Affairs Vasily Tsushko. The first accuse of usurpation of the power, the second - in illegal capture of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.


the Frost on - former considers itself as operating speaker, and the Supreme Rada - legitimate. He is convinced of illegality of the decree of the head of the state about dissolution of parliament and continues to hold its sessions. The parliament works even in the absence of quorum - instead of 300 necessary deputies at a hall are present 200, and it strongly irritates the president.

Vasily Tsushko`s Socialist accuse that that has not allowed to discharge of a post of general public prosecutor Svjatoslava Piskuna illegally. After these events the minister has fallen ill with a heart attack. It have taken out on treatment to Germany. Hearings went that Tsushko has been poisoned the same as before Yushchenko. But analyses have not confirmed this version.

next week Tsushko will return from Germany to Kiev. orange politicians have already warned that the minister will be directly arrested at the airport. The Security service of Ukraine - the unique power organisation completely supervised by Yushchenko can make it. Adherents of a parliamentary coalition, on the contrary, are convinced: TSushko threatens nothing. Till now the president, even in the difficult situations, did not dare at arrests of the political opponents, being afraid to spoil image of the country abroad.

the Head of the state in any way does not manage to turn out pig-headed deputies from a parliamentary building. The more he says that activity Are glad is illegitimate, the more actively it passes laws. Their Yushchenko does not sign, but it does not stop deputies. Absence of quorum the Frost names the insufficient reason for parliament dissolution. In its opinion, it is necessary to wait decisions of the Constitutional court concerning legality of the decree of Yushchenko about parliament dispersal. The constitutional court, which majority of representatives sympathise with a coalition, tightens decision removal. According to judges, work follows provolokitit till September, 30th - day, on which Yushchenko has appointed preschedule parliamentary elections. In that case there will be under doubt a legitimacy of all election campaign. And the new Supreme Rada can not recognise not only in the country, but also abroad. So criminal case on charge of the speaker in power usurpation - only next step to the big game of politics which is developed in Ukraine on the threshold of new parliamentary elections.