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Love with the dictionary - a melodrama about the young man without

address would not be happiness, yes the misfortune has helped. As the selection commission 29 - go MMKF admitted, in extreme conditions of preparation of festival it did an emphasis not on quality, and on a variety. As a result the normal cinema which is not showing radical innovations has got into competition, but capable to give pleasure.

When the residence permit

It is unknown concerns the American film Broken English (at us - Love with the dictionary ) - An old-fashioned romantic melodrama how mjatushchajasja, much mistaken and consequently nervous nju - jorkskaja the girl meets the young Frenchman, long thaws in its embraces, but smekaet as it is necessary for it, only when the plane will carry away it home to Paris. It will rush it to search, but will lose number of its Parisian phone, and events will be developed approximately as in Eldara Ryazanov`s film the Girl without " address;: to Find the person in Moscow it is hard, when the residence permit " is unknown;. The theme of not satisfied desires and happiness searches will be resolved, as it is easy to expect, absolutely casually and at the last moment. In a film there are all attributes put in such cinema: nice heroes, all understanding the best girlfriend and weight good and too all understanding people whom the girl will meet on a way. There is also warmly shown New York and the shown Paris is even warmer. And, at last, the main thing: The spectator will foresee a course of events from the first shot to the ending, and it is necessary to float only on waves of a familiar plot, happily blinking from a happy ending anticipation.

On all canons of festivals, such cinema is considered art purely genre, low, made on potrebu the mass public, incapable to tell something new and consequently unworthy attention of competitive juries. But otborshchiki MMKF, on - to mine, have not too paltered, having invited R.Kassavetis`s Zoe`s picture to compete for the right to receive Gold St. George : it is made so strong and purely on a genre, and it so have faultlessly played Parker Pozi ( Returning of the Superman ) and Melvil Pupo ( farewell Time ) That it can serve as the sample of highly professional skill. And if it have removed in 30 - e years of the last century, it most likely would become so cult, as the Bridge of Waterloo .

Cosa nostra

Travel with pets has got to number of three Russian competitive tapes, most likely, to a heap - there is nothing to explain the great honour rendered to a film of Belief Sentry, where any shot more, to a word or movement you do not trust. It is a rare occurence of public demonstration by the director of the absolute removal from a reality - any, even imagined.

Chekhov`s Hero, bantering at intellectuals - landowners, radejushchimi for the people, advised to them to give to peasants superfluous dress coats. About such savoir vivre finds out also it circulation in the people with a live goat and a touching dog. The heroine with the husband live at a railway substation and sell to passing trains of a flask with pair milk. What for in a train the huge can, which in itself is more expensive some milk, to us will not explain, but once the husband from such life will fall the lifeless. The woman will bring it on a section car to a mortuary and there will be one, unperturbable and mysterious, as a sphinx. It cannot take storm even Dmitry Djuzhev in an image of the driver - it will banish it, will exchange a cow for a goat and pribludivshujusja a dog, will buy the plasma panel, will put on a wedding attire and begins to listen by radio to a song about My Hungry Heart. Sometimes it goes in settlement where on each inhabitant it is necessary on one water cart, will adopt there the ready child and, having finished travel to itself, begins to live, live yes is kind to acquire.

In these two hours per a shower will ripen set of questions to authors. For example, where during an epoch of plasma panels the heroine has got rare too tight and short linen 50 - h what, is remembered, Iv Montan took out from Moscow as the Soviet exotic. And as it, fragile, has dragged a corpse to a section car, plasma to the house and a boat to remote, apparently, the rivers. And why it, having overslept with the driver performed by Djuzheva, strives to shoot down there and then it (director Storozheva in interview, is remembered, interpreted about a female spider, after a coition devouring a spider). And why refuses beautiful life at the zealous husband - the owner. And if such extremist that in a matrimony can stay only on the big love what for then sleeps with not any, finding out all signs of frigidity.

Xenia Kutepov in a role of the peasant - proletarki plays something an average between Marina Ladyninoj and the inhabitant of decadent salons of the beginning of the XX-th century. It does not hide holenosti country hands and skips with an inflatable ball, representing easy poetic madness. Dmitry Djuzhev embodies rough man`s passion and negligibility of corporal temptations before spiritual, for persuasiveness undressing bravely and often. Both characters have no characters, biographies and live as though in vacuum. Sometimes from this space the daughter obviously flattered by is small shoferova that it shoot for film. Sometimes towards to lonely heroine the cheerful wedding company and then seems moves that now there will be a smile of Kabirii. The smile also arises - on - russki wide, and now there are no doubts that with a dog, a goat and another`s child the heroine will find the happiness. If, as I have already told, will not sink.

Director Vera Storozheva in a film the Sky. The plane. The girl has forced to assume that the cinema understands as the soldered retort for fragile aesthetic ekzersisov. Now into competition jury have providently entered Renatu Litvinovu, playing the sky - the plane the girl so this new circulation of intellectuals - landowners in the people has a chance something to receive.