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Luzhkov considers that the people Yury Luzhkov should choose effective heads

On the eve of the re-election has told   about that, what does he think of new system naznachanija governors and mayors.   it would be valid me politically more comfortably if I was one of the candidates offered Muscovites. I hope that I would have a chance to win in this case. But also I consider present system for the country useful and necessary for two reasons. The first consists that the people should learn to choose the most effective, instead of the brightest and loud heads for brightness and clamorousness yet an ability guarantee to do serious work -   the town governor has declared.  

the Second reason consists that when the decision on introduction of new system was made, it was very important to strengthen the government. At all a vertical as that, namely the power - both in the centre, and in regions. In regions especially as there there were many cases when in many respects from - for incorrectly chosen personnel the country did not see results of their work. I do not want to praise the colleagues - their affairs speak for themselves. But after all it is necessary to notice positive changes in the Kaliningrad region which governor the president has suggested to appoint the head of the Moscow branch an United Russia George Boos, the Nizhniy Novgorod region where has directed for work vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantseva, shifts in the Ivanovo area which was headed by one more my former assistant Michael Men... - has told   Luzhkov.

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