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The guitarist of Gary Moore has reached with a concert Moscow



In   the world fate - music not too many the bright and original guitarists which hallmark is learnt from first eight steps. Hardly it is less - so talented and unforgettable vocalists. And absolutely units capable to unite two these abilities. In particular - the Irish of Gary Moore who for the first time has reached with concerts to Russia.

Cards of Gary of Moore - sensual and shrill ballads Parisienne Walkways and Still Got The Blues (For You) - like the abc-book for fans of a commercial blues and ballads. Meanwhile - creativity of the musician is much more versatile and is charismatic rather than simply elegantly adjusted conveyor for manufacture “ medljakov “ with remembered melodies and guitar losses immersing in a romantic spirit. It was shown also by concerts in Kiev, Moscow and St.-Petersburg where the Irish virtuoso has arrived to represent the program of the new album - Ñlose As You Get (“ so close, how much you will allow “) . To represent that, Gary Moore whom knew before a little.

After powerful start in the end of 60 - h when it has collected group Skid Row (not to confuse with glem - the fatal namesakes created in 1986 in Nju - Jersey) and played with the bass player/ vocalist Filom Lajnottom and drummer Bryan Dauni (later - founders Thin Lizzy) even more successful have come 70 - e. Gary Moore played a jazz - fate, the Celtic music, has made friends with guitarist Fleetwood Mac Peter Green who even has persuaded to sell to itself its favourite guitar.

It there were years of study. Surprisingly, but in Skid Row and group where it acted later - Colosseum II, and in Thin Lizzy where in the end of 70 - h him has invited to play a hard - end - hevi old friend Lajnott - raspetsja to Moore did not allow. And he has decided to study in a vocal. Though at first in its own - Gary Moore Band - too sang others. And the founder of collective gnashed teeth and desperately did not pass any lesson. On 80 - the middle 90 - h the peak of glory of Gary of Moore has had, in foreign encyclopaedias the nickname was fixed to it Belfastsky Bljuzmen.

In 1997 the guitarist has written down quite a hard - rokovyj album Dark Days In Paradise (“ Gloomy days in paradise “). After that - as cut off: all - taki sometimes bright names revenge people, their thought up. On a boundary of centuries of Gary Moore that unsuccessfully experimented new sounding and computer processings it was switched to a commercial blues - already close adjoining on a banal platform. Then there were again attempts to play rigid, even cruel, but careless guitar alternative - in an album of 2003 Scars (“ Scars “) and rehashes itself in Old New Ballads Blues (“ Old both new ballads and blueses “) 2006.

Therefore on a premiere of the new program and an album many got out cautiously that 55 - the summer veteran again undertakes a computer facet of a guitar sound or again will try to be the summary brother of group Primal Scream. But round Close As You Get has denied fears: the Irish guitarist - the virtuoso has returned in rough a hard - blues youth, having sated with its powerful keyboard accompaniment. Also has again shown the so multiplane and original technics, with spontaneity of improvisations and scale of musical action in which the leading party is played by the leader - a guitar.

the Concert began with sharp, growling chords - as if Gary Moore, suddenly for spectators left of depth of a scene, - got a powerful motorcycle. Afterwards on a scene have cut spotlights and - representation has begun! It was related to about what in the beginning you think: Well here, like all similar when - that heard, but then you can not come off any more - skill of instrumentalists, from melodies and improvisations, from a surprising pressure and a drive which rushes from a scene. Moore it is difficult to consider Gary as the ingenious composer and the melodist as we will tell Richi Blekmora, but this Irish possesses tremendous power, unique guitar technics and ability to create a composition from which magic you run that into romantic slackness, in elements of promptly rushing typhoon.

Gary Moore that thrashed the guitar, as nashkodivshego the little son gently conducted vast conversations with on something the complaining tool. And that the hard - fatal riffy was switched on frenzied. And musicians of its accompanying group, seemingly, and never knew in advance, in what improvisations will bring the boss. And ascetically played relying it on dramatic art podklady (that is created a background), while maestro Moore and its guitar wrote out the next pirouettes and cascades. Structurally all was simple: the Irish Garik began with the guitar introduction, then leaders the courageous voice with easy treshchinkoj and unforgettable overtones in which even those who did not know English, were clearly felt that suffering, hopeless daring, light grief. Then the refrain and already then - the most important thing - vast and remembered guitar solo followed. And and during singing Moore managed dashing to conduct a theme on a guitar, improvised and practically did not play “ chesom “. Its skill and ability to be simultaneously the vocalist and the guitarist, conceding in one of arts, - it is unconditional, are unique. As a rule, others are able to do better something one, at least on a scene. But Gary Moore has not allowed to doubt itself in one of concert disciplines. First two songs were from a new album then Moore has decided to communicate to a hall. “ I do not see from a scene, how many you there, in the dark, and in general for the first time in Moscow, therefore yet I do not know - whether it is necessary to me to sing to you Still Got The Blues? “ - on - anglijski the musician, not without a coquetry share has asked. A powerful applause was the answer to it. As a result of Gary Moore has stretched one of the main hits already for 14 minutes. Then new compositions have followed: I Have A Dream, Hard Times, Trouble At Home - all potential hits. And Bi Bi King`s After Hours hit from the nice beginning 90 - h. As a result the musician had to leave “ encore “ two times and when it already in the second time executed Still Got The Blues (and in the new version!) Round - the manager mercilessly did to the actor warning signs: “ it is time to finish! “ however Gary Moore all could not stop, without wishing to leave grateful public. So only end-to-end was in time on a train Moscow - St.-Petersburg which took away it on the following concert of round...