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Fair Russia and Civil force have decided to win corruption

About intentions to win corruption and to prevent the left danger have declared yesterday in a course a press - conferences members of parties Fair Russia and Civil force .

Certainly, elections in the State Duma, appointed for December, were absolutely at anything. Simply absolutely it is casual in February (when plans of election campaigns are usually imposed) in People party have decided to create social council on fight against corruption. Then People party samolikvidirovalas, members in an individual order have gone to enter in Fair Russia the summer was in the heat - and here the deputy of the State Duma Gennady Gudkov holding also a post of a member of presidium of Main board Fair Russia also has collected journalists on a press - conference.

the Company to it was made the general of FSB in resignation by Alexander Sterligov, and also deputies of the State Duma Alexander Morozov and Alexander Lebedev. All of them as it has appeared, were included into this social council though the list is not closed - interested persons can get and appear too there thus supporters spravedlivorossov as council is created at party. However, there will be also a separate organisation: two weeks ago Hooters has submitted in Rosregistratsiju documents on intention to generate the Popular front on fight against corruption .

It is necessary to tell that Alexander Lebedev well understood, what question was on the tip of the tongue at journalists, and dexterously enough it has prevented, having noticed that any efforts on fight against corruption at us are traditionally reduced to public relations, but any effort in this direction all the same correct, even on the eve of elections . And here Gennady Gudkov has been full enthusiasm, and nothing could confuse him in fight against corruption, which, on its own expression, more terribly the NATO and all other threats . It and Sterligov are co-chairmen of council and, according to Gudkova, the purpose and sense of Council - to help party Fair Russia to develop the accurate anticorruption program which it could realise to the Duma of the fifth convocation .

this Program is necessary at least partly to reduce volumes of the corruption market, by some estimations, the exceeding 400 billion dollars. today there is the mullions-strong army of officials having huge recoils, - was indignant Hooters, - we from the Country of Councils have turned to the country of recoils . And as, as the deputy, " admitted; we understand that corruption is concentrated there where divide money That fighters with corruption intend to raise a parliament role, to achieve reform of the power block and officialdom reduction everywhere, but especially in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The bill of high-grade parliamentary investigation which participants a press - conferences would like to spend first of all in minzdravsotsrazvitija and minobrazovanija should become concrete performance of plans antikorruptsionerov. Therefore spravedlivorossy intend to begin this week petition of deputies (all them should be 90) for creation of the commission on parliamentary investigation of a situation round maintenance of exempts with medicines.

While efforts spravedlivorossov on fight against corruption have led only to that in the State Duma have become dusty two bills. One concerns grantings of the right to deputies and senators to get acquainted with the criminal cases closed and handed over in archive, and the second - the law on an information openness of authorities for citizens.

While Sergey Mironov`s colleagues told about the plans to win a hydra of corruption, the chairman spravedlivorossov has shared plans about formation of the first three the list. It has resolutely rejected the assumptions of the press published on Monday, that Sergey Glazyev can enter into a three. on this theme we do not conduct negotiations with Glazyev - Mironov has explained and has specified that the final decision on nominees will be accepted at congress in two months. Certainly, the speaker himself will head the list. As to promotion of actress Rimmy Markovoj Sergey Mironov has evaded from instructions of that position which could occupy Markova in pre-election lists. Though has not excluded that the actress can enter into one of regional lists.

And head of a high council of party Civil force Michael Barshchevsky too worried yesterday about the future. The medical fact consists that danger of the left turn, the left shaft is extremely great - head " has declared; Civil force . As journalists have understood not at once, in what here risk Barshchevsky has specified: If in the State Duma will prevail left, and the following president, you want you do not want, will be right as it should continue structural transformations of economy we will have an opposition situation between parliament and the president and in what it results, we still well remember . It is indicative that in left Barshchevsky has written down not only the Communist Party of the Russian Federation or spravedlivorossov but even LDPR, partially - an United Russia and Union of Right Forces. But its party turns out at such calculation, naturally, the most right or even unique right force. Certainly, in this situation hopes Barshchevsky on reception 20 - 22 percent are quite clear, truth, it is not known, whether the voter knows about these calculations.