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Jaap de Hoop Sheffer: the NATO not to do without Russia

Yesterday president Vladimir Putin has accepted in the Kremlin the secretary general of the North Atlantic alliance of Jaapa being on a visit in Russia de Hoop Sheffera.

for Russia and the NATO this year is filled by anniversaries. 10 years ago the basic contract Russia - the NATO, and five years ago - the Roman contract on which basis operating Council Russia - the NATO has been created has been signed. for this historically short enough time interval relations between Russia and the North Atlantic alliance have radically exchanged, - Vladimir Putin has underlined. - we have passed from the confrontation period by the cooperation period .

However, this bilateral work which, certainly, is directed as the president was expressed, on world peace strengthening it is interfaced to certain problems. Naturally, it is the big, multiplane work, and it cannot pass problemlessly - the Russian leader has noticed.

these Problems not any deep or hidden - all of them are known for a long time and recently lie on a surface literally. It is enough to remember Vladimir Putin`s last statements on such questions, as placing in the Eastern Europe of elements of the American antimissile defence and default by the West of the Contract on usual armed forces in Europe. And for this reason, Putin has underlined, Sheffera so are glad to accept in Moscow.

the Secretary general of the NATO, in turn, alternatives to cooperation of an alliance with Russia does not see. it seems to me, there is no alternative to good, healthy relations, - he has declared. - the NATO not to do without Russia, and Russia not to do without such good partner, as the NATO . In its opinion, these relations develop in two key directions: it is the personal contribution and interaction. And as to the personal contribution in this aspect the partnership can be made even better, and the main thing - the parties should not look back back but only to go forward.

And to a meeting with the secretary general of the NATO Vladimir Putin in solemn conditions of the Kremlin reception has congratulated on the termination of study of graduates of military academies and universities.

the Russian army replenishes with new professional shots, and that best of the best are invited today here to traditional reception to the Kremlin, - certificate of deep respect for military work and expression of those high hopes which are assigned to you by Fatherland - the president has declared, addressing to the present. The presidential order was extremely simple and clear - to honour traditions of the Russian army and the officer case which, as he said, served at all times as a reliable support of Russia and with honour protected the sovereignty and advantage of the Native land.

Having selected a hard military field, you have incurred huge responsibility before the native land, before the people, before our fellow citizens, - a supreme commander in chief has underlined. - I count that each of you up to the end will execute a debt of the officer, will bring the contribution to protection of interests of Russia .

      in the meantime

Maxim Egors

Anniversary session of Council Russia - the NATO devoted to the fifth anniversary of creation of this international structure, has come to the end in Moscow.

According to the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova, this meeting has been devoted To specific targets of development of cooperation and questions on which positions of Moscow and the alliance countries are still insufficiently close . Despite existing in relations between Russia and a disagreement alliance, after Council end its participants tried not to exaggerate. So, Laurels spoke about necessity to raise efficiency of cooperation with the NATO. According to the minister, at a meeting in Moscow it was a question of the Contract on usual armed forces in Europe, and also about placing of elements of systems of the ABM in Poland and Czechia and a situation round the status of Kosovo. we appreciate a format of Council Russia - the NATO which allows to carry on open dialogue on these questions - has declared Laurels.

According to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Moscow understand members of the NATO who aspire to that the alliance answered new calls and threats . At the same time Laurels it is convinced: Interaction of Russia and the NATO depends on in what direction alliance transformation " will be carried out;.

As it became known, in the near future the information on activity of Council Russia - the NATO becomes property of the wide public. Council opens own Internet - a site on which all interested persons can receive the information on work of this structure. According to Lavrova, Council will have own logo, which will help to make a cooperation format more recognised .