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The Rostov Office of Public Prosecutor struggles with peasants - swindlers

the Facts of the swindle connected with realisation of the priority national project agrarian and industrial complex Development are found out in the Rostov region. Experts consider that it only the beginning, and, most likely, number of such affairs will soon go on hundreds.

criminal case concerning heads of some farms is brought. For reception of money suspects have given false contracts on purchase of 700 goals of a horned cattle. Having cashed the received capital, they have divided it and have spent for own needs. Against figurants criminal case as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is brought; the Swindle made by a group of persons in especially large size ) .

-   I think that soon such criminal cases will go in hundreds, especially concerning small agricultural manufacturers, - the senior public prosecutor of Management on supervision of remedial activity of law-enforcement bodies, justices and UFSKN regional Office of Public Prosecutor Irina Sinitsky considers. - the Basic action for a direction stimulation of development of small forms of managing within the limits of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development the increase and reduction in price of involved credit resources personal and krestjansko - farms, and also agricultural consumer co-operative societies created by them is put forward. For these purposes subsidising (from means of the federal budget) the interest rate under credits received in commercial banks is spent. The most part of percent on the credit (to 95 percent) is paid by the state, under condition of granting by the agricultural manufacturer in administration of the documents, testifying that the credit has been spent for the declared purposes. In cases when the credit has been spent not for agricultural manufacture expansion, and for other needs - house building, study, false documents are presented to administration, the head gets under a criminal liability or for use of obviously false document, or for swindle.