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The mistress of cafe wanted to make of the cook the serf

the Unprecedented case in sphere of labour relations. The inhabitant of Magnitogorsk has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to protect its right and to punish the unfair employer. However has complained not of dismissal, and absolutely on the contrary Having refused to return the documents taken at employment, the director in a categorical order has suggested it to continue work.

the Non-standard situation has occurred in Right-bank area of Magnitogorsk. 19 - the summer cook of known cafe in a city has decided to continue education and to arrive on a full-time department of the Magnitogorsk state university. However, on the trouble, the girl concerned the duties honesty, prepared is tasty, and to find to it replacement it has appeared uneasy. As followed from the statement suffered in Office of Public Prosecutor, the director to its intention to leave has given a hostile reception. Moreover, has refused to return the diploma about the termination of professional school which the girl showed at employment and which was required now to it for receipt in high school. The actions the head has explained that the cook suits it and consequently should work for it. It having appeared in hostages at the former employer, the girl could not continue training, and, having spent for arrangements of the chief two months, has gone to Office of Public Prosecutor.

the Public prosecutor of Ordzhonikidzevsky area of Magnitogorsk based on the results of testing has brought administrative action. And not under article traditional for labour disputes about infringements of the legislation about work and a labour safety. As it was a question of typical petty tyranny of the chief, actions of the director have been qualified under article Arbitrariness (19. 1 KoAP). Under the law it at all had no right to hold at herself the diploma of the employee. It is necessary only for a presentation and at once comes back to the competitor of vacancy.

Business has been transferred the world judge who on the first time has taken out the decision about payment of the penalty at a rate of three minimum wage rates. By the way, at repeated infringement of laws on work the official is threatened with disqualification for the term from one year till three years.

According to area Office of Public Prosecutor, from the beginning of year in Southern Ural Mountains 2644 facts of infringements of the labour law of citizens are registered. From them 1217 are connected with untimely payment, the others concern labour disputes of workers with employers. Cases when heads from - for the conflict to employees do not return them at dismissal work record cards, meet quite often. On similar infringements usually go when the employee has run into debt to the enterprise or, at least, the employer so considers.