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The summit in Charm an ale - the Sheikh can change a Near-Eastern situation

In the Egyptian resort small town on the most southern extremity of Sinai in Charm an ale - the Sheikh there passes a quadrilateral meeting of regional leaders.

the Owner of the summit - the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak - accepts the Israeli prime minister Ehuda Olmerta, the king of Jordan Abdallu II and the head of Palestinian autonomy Mahmud Abbas. A summit theme - support of the extreme government of the PAS generated after violent capture of the power in Gaza Strip by an extremist wing of Islamic grouping HAMAS.

other theme of negotiations is connected With this problem - attempt to develop a certain joint approach to grouping HAMAS.

Value of a meeting much more surpasses symbolical gesture - hand shake of Ehuda Olmerta and Mahmud Abbas. It can become a turning point of succession of events in region. The prime minister of Israel already declared that as gesture of good will from the Israeli prisons 250 members of organisation FATH, which hands not obagrjany by blood of Israelis in the near future will be released. Besides, Israel has expressed readiness to start to translate into accounts of the new Palestinian government the means which have been saved up in results of deduction of taxes from the salary of Palestinians working in the Jewish state, and custom charges from the goods crossing border of an autonomy.

Ehud Olmert has addressed also to Hosny Mubarak with the request to renew intermediary efforts on clearing from a captivity as it is supposed, in exchange for the Palestinian prisoners, three Israeli military men.

Two from them have been grasped by insurgents of the Lebanese Shiit organisation Hezbollah that has formally become the cause for the Israeli operation in the south of Lebanon in the summer of last year. The third - corporal Gilad Plays pranks here a year is in hands of insurgents so-called Islam armies . Where - that in territory of Gaza Strip. In Israel new splash in emotions was caused by the reference of the corporal published on the Internet to the Israeli authorities with the request to release the Palestinian prisoners and thus to provide to it an exit on freedom as its health is seriously undermined.

As a whole, local observers agree in opinion that conversation in Charm an ale - the Sheikh is completely not simple. At this summit in case of its successful end so necessary things in common, capable to stimulate process of Near-Eastern settlement can be shown.

it is natural, elementary measures on an establishment of a minimum level of trust between the parties should become the first point - a starting point-. And the steps declared by Olmertom go in this direction.

On the eve of the quadrilateral summit the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel of Tzipi Livni has acted with lecture for local elite and the press on which there was also your correspondent. There it has professionally accurately formulated a position of the country in relation to latest developments and prospects of development of a situation.

In its opinion, at a present stage the conflict is not so purely national, but also religious, so, much more difficult giving in to settlement. Bases of Muslim fundamentalism are generated Hezbollah on northern border of Israel and HAMAS on southern border of the Jewish state, enjoy all-round support of Iran. And after all threat proceeds from Teheran not only to the Jewish state, but also the Arabian moderate modes, especially around Persian gulf.

Thus, in opposition to Islamic radicalism and the Iranian threat coincidence of interests of moderate forces of the Arabian world, first of all Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf states, and Israel is planned. And it can form a basis for basic arrangements and on Near-Eastern settlement. Does not raise the doubts that this settlement should provide coexistence side by side two sovereign independent states - Israel and Palestin.

Now, by words Downpours, Israel can solve safety issues with new government Saljama Fajjada. It is real chance of break in business of settlement and to miss it it is impossible, it is convinced Downpours. But, as she said, without compromises from both parties here not to manage. The consent with moderate forces among Palestinians probably also is necessary, considers Downpours. However there is a question - whether they can put into practice the co-ordinated positions?

Israel has such levers of influence on a situation, as granting to Palestinians of money, the weapon, simplification of their everyday life. Including by liquidation of considerable number of posts in territory of Palestinian autonomy. At last, opening of diplomatic prospect with a sight on definitive settlement, but not at the expense of safety of Israel.

Concerning Gaza Strip, as she said, probably, it is necessary to wait, reacting in appropriate way to hostile sorties of extremists. On the Western coast it is necessary to co-operate with the authorities actively.

Conditions of the Israeli concessions, and rather essential - demilitarisation of an autonomy and possible presence in its territory of foreign observers. Naturally, much will depend on a flexible realistic position of the Palestinian party. Time it is impossible to lose, it is necessary to use urgently all accessible elements and toolkit, including obtained of Road map .

the Difference between Gaza and West cost as the minister considers, should show visually to Palestinians that is better - presence and terror or peace policy and cooperation. As to HAMAS it, according to the minister, most likely, will replace in following elections if they, of course, take place.

Israel after the peace Saudi initiative carries on dialogue with League of the Arabian states and suggests them to open the representations in Israel. The international community, according to the minister, should support unequivocally Mahmud Abbas and not to recognise at all mini - HAMAS states. Palestinians from its part should depart from the rigid scheme of categorical requirements.