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Rosselhoznadzor has forbidden import of fowl from Czechia

Yesterday Rosselhoznadzor has forbidden import to Russia to poultry-farming production from Czechia from - for revealed there a bird flu. According to the head of department Sergey Dankverta, Russia has applied standard procedure.

It consists that if Rosselhoznadzor receives from International epizooticheskogo bureau (MEB) news about occurrence vysokopatogennogo an avian flu in any country, but does not receive at once the detailed information on this flash on 21 - j day (that is for the incubatory period) stops import of products of poultry farming from this country. As soon as receives the detailed information, opens import from a safe zone and leaves restriction on the infected territory.

But in this case it is a question not only of Czechia, but also about Germany, - has noted Dankvert. - There we yet have not received official acknowledgement on disease occurrence, but if it proves to be true, it will be a question already of disease distribution on the European union. And here already veterinary services of EU should give us guarantees that in import deliveries to Russia there is no production from the infected areas. And whether they to us here can guarantee it - still a question. The matter is that vetsluzhby EU is incurred by many obligations, but then they are confirmed with nothing. To the middle of 2006 we still had possibility to see how these guarantees are carried out, and now at us such possibility is not present . If data on a bird flu in Germany turn out to be true, deliveries of chicken meat from Europe can stop for a while. However, Russians strongly also will not suffer from it, because two thirds of import of this product to us goes from the USA, and the poultry breeders the people in a trouble will not leave.

But in the near future Russia should be spent ten millions roubles not to admit penetration on the South of the country of the African plague of pigs from Georgia. Real danger has hung over Krasnodar and Stavropol edges, the Rostov region, all republics of the North Caucasus, and also Armenia and Azerbaijan. Head Rosselhoznadzora Sergey Dankvert yesterday has informed on it also.

As already wrote, Georgia, without having preparations against this infection, has refused the help of the Russian veterinary surgeons. And a situation there the difficult: the plague infects already 11 areas, including on border with Russia. At the same time Georgia has stopped one year ago messages at itself veterinary control, having given these powers to customs. But the customs is only border, and inside the country remained without vetkontrolja. And here result: the virus at any moment can fall outside the limits the country - general director MEBa Bernard Valla has summed up.

In the Russian territory of Rosselhoznadzor now builds so-called eshelonirovannuju defence which includes two control belts. The first - it is direct on border. The second - on crossing of large lines at level of Rostov, Stavropol and Krasnodar, and also on water and air ways. The Russian experts have all necessary diagnostic equipment and the main thing - a vaccine. Unfortunately, for preventive maintenance it is not necessary, but does not allow to develop illnesses at already infected animals. Their meat, under the statement of veterinary surgeons, even can be used then for industrial processing, but with obligatory procooking. Will finance preventive actions at the expense of means of Rosselhoznadzora and subjects of Federation. In case of disease penetration on territory of Russia and its distribution there will be openly centralised financing, has specified Dankvert.