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Topalov and Kramnik hands

will force to shake Now each other this salutatory ritual rejected by two basic contenders, begins obligatory for all grand masters who are taking part in tournaments under the aegis of the International chess federation (FIDE).

the Decision on introduction of official ethical rules and norms of behaviour of players was accepted on Presidential Council FIDE which has the day before come to the end in Tallinn. With the initiative the head of federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov dissatisfied with the scornful relation of some chess players to each other, to judges and to journalists has acted. Preparation original the honour code representatives of the commission on ethics and council of arbitrators will be engaged.

However, according to other point of the total report of session the meeting of the most important infringers of calmness - Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov will occur not so soon. FIDE has not given out to the Bulgarian the permit on the World championship starting on September, 11th in Mexico. There, as well as it was planned, eight grand masters will play. Russian Kramnik, its compatriots Peter Svidler and Alexander Morozevich, and also Indian Vishvanatan Anand have acquired this right thanks to high ratings. Hungarian Peter Leko, Israeli Boris Gelfand, Armenian Levon Aronjan and Russian Alexander Grishchuk have earned it during so-called pretendentskih matches.

we Will remind that the Bulgarian grand master has lost a champion match of 2006 in Elista and under competition regulations has passed all selection cycle of this season. But suddenly - with support of manager Silvio Danailova - has started to insist on indispensable inclusion of the nominee in lists of participants of tournament. In default the infamous chess tandem threatened to submit the claim to Sports arbitration court in Lausanne.

However business most likely will not reach court. At Presidential Council session could find the compromise, and eks - the chance to return an honorary title will still be presented to world champion Topalov.

- FIDE, having considered all opinions, has made the decision which has arranged both the Bulgarian party, and participants of the Mexican tournament, - the assistant to the president of FIDE Berik Balgabaev has noted in interview to one of news agencies.

So, the scheme on which the owner of a chess crown will be defined in the near future, looks as follows.

If operating champion Vladimir Kramnik takes the main prize the match - a revenge Kramnik against Topalov will take place in Mexico City. The winner of this opposition will argue with the winner of a World Cup - 2007 in Hunts - Mansijske for the right to participate in a world championship of 2009.

If tournament in Mexico will be won by other grand master in 2008 he will battle to Kramnik in a personal meeting. In 2009 - m the best of them will play with the winner of the second pretendentskoj meetings - between Topalov and the winner of a World Cup.