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The government of South Korea and movement management the Taliban have reached the compromise

Government of South Korea and a movement management the Taliban have reached the compromise in a question on destiny of 19 South Korean hostages.

Islamites have agreed to release them. the agreement has been reached provided that South Korea will deduce the divisions which are in Afghanistan, by the end of the year. And also will impose a ban for missionary activity of South Korean Christians in this country - the representative of Presidential Administration of South Korea has informed. Now in Afghanistan are deployed about 200 South Korean military men.

the Press - the service of embassy of South Korea in Moscow has confirmed presence of such arrangement. our government within a month achieved clearing of missionaries and here just now it became possible. Unfortunately, exact terms when them will release, remain unknown persons . During conversation of the western mass-media with representatives of Talibs, it was found out that for safety reasons clearing of hostages will occur in some stages. South Koreans will release groups on 3 - 4 persons.

In exchange for clearing of missionaries insurgents from the very beginning demanded to deduce from Afghanistan South Korean military men. And also clearing of in prison colleagues achieved. Representatives of South Korea have carried on direct negotiations with a movement management the Taliban in a city of Ghazni where the arrangement about " has been reached; to the barter transaction with hostages.