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Transneft is ready to begin work on conclusion VSTO to Pacific ocean

Yesterday the head of the company Transneft Simeon Weinstock has informed president Vladimir Putin on a course of projects on building and expansion of the main pipelines worldwide.

the oil pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific ocean (VSTO) should become the Most grandiose project of last years, certainly. Input in a system of the first stage of the oil pipeline which will be stretched from the city of Taishet in the Irkutsk region to Skovorodino in Amur, is planned for the end of 2008. on VSTO we have passed already more than 1130 kilometres, and work now goes on all without an exception to route sites, - Weinstock has assured. Is Yakutia, the Amur and Irkutsk areas. So here at all of us goes normally .

At the same time, in Transneft Already today are ready to start the second stage of work which assumes to continue the oil pipeline from Skovorodino to coast of Pacific ocean. Project VSTO assumes building of the bulk-oil terminal in a bay of Kozmino at Pacific coast. According to Weinstock, its company is ready to start designing of this route and only waits for the government decision.

But designing of the second turn of the Baltic pipeline system is already ended. Now Transneft expects total examination of the project, then as its head has noted, it will be necessary to make the decision concerning a direction and qualitative characteristics of a new direction . As it is known, designed capacity BTS - 2 makes 50 million tons of oil a year which will go on the Russian port Primorsk, and further - tankers to buyers. To everything, introduction will allow to transfer a part of transit of oil to a system of the second turn from Belarus and in the future to avoid conflicts which already happened with Ukraine and Minsk.

As to the Caspian pipeline consortium and the pipeline Burgas - Aleksandrupolis both on that, and under other project at us is proryvnye decisions, - was declared by Weinstock. - normal progress already is observed today that gives to our the grounds to think that we finally will win .

These two petroprojects anyhow are with each other interconnected. The oil pipeline Burgas - Aleksandrupolis will allow the Russian oil to arrive to Southern Europe bypassing problem Turkish passage Bosporus. In turn to Burgas the Russian oil will arrive tankers from the terminal in Novorossisk, being part KTK. Now through the Caspian system it is pumped over only 22 - 23 million tons of oil a year at designed capacity of 67 million.