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Management Zenith has proposed to the Dutch trainer Diku to the Lawyer

Yesterday the sports director of football club Zenith Konstantin Sarsanija has informed that Dik the Lawyer who is the head coach of Petersburg club, has not declared the desire to leave club.

For today the situation is that that if Zenith there is the first or the second, that, most likely, it remains. The proposal about it is already made to it. Therefore the information that he will head a national team of Australia, is incorrect - K.Sarsanija has told.

we Will remind that not so long ago in the Australian editions, in particular, in Sydney Morning Herald, there was a sensational information that the national team of this country will be headed by the Lawyer.

According to the Australian colleagues, the Dutch expert intends to win with sine - it is white - blue The present championship of Russia in the prime minister - league then is going to move for Green continent. Editions inform that even if at the Lawyer it will not turn out to extract gold it all the same will stop work with club commands, having concentrated on national teams.

After leaving from a post of the head coach of Australians of Guus Hiddink with football at them it is valid not everything is all right. The present trainer sokkeruz Grem Arnold, under caustic remarks of my colleagues, has lost trust of Federation of football of Australia. The failure Cup of Asia where Australians have lost in a quarterfinal of Japan on a penalty became last drop, and before in group could not beat Oman and have lost to the future champion to Iraq. However, Arnold while will continue to work with Australians in the nearest companionable matches with Argentina and China, and also will train an Olympic team which it is necessary a qualifying tournament for the right to go in next year in Beijing.

If the trainer will manage to adjust game it is not excluded that eks - Guus Hiddink`s assistant will continue work in a national team. It is not excluded that it it is necessary to help the Lawyer which contract with the Russian club expires after the termination of a season of 2007. And though the trainer has declared the day before that all its thoughts are connected in the near future only with Zenith up to the end to exclude transition possibility it is impossible.