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Azerbaijan has promised to give out Michael Gutseriev if it is in territory of the country

Yesterday in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan have informed that are ready to give out Russia known businessman Michael Gutseriev under a condition if that is in vicinities of Baku or where - that in republic. And protection of the billionaire has directed the complaint to its arrest.

we Will remind, on the eve of the Tver district court of Moscow has in absentia arrested Michael Gutseriev. Before the billionaire was registered under a subscription about nevyezde. The investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia accuses him of evasion from taxes and the illegal business made by a group of persons, in especially large sizes.

As it is economic articles, on them it is not so obligatory upekat the person in the chamber for the period of trial. All remains to the discretion of a consequence. Gutseriev have decided to leave on freedom on parole that will not escape, that is under a subscription. However that has gone underground.

In the beginning of August of the billionaire declared in federal search. Arrest has been put its property. And when it was found out that the businessman is not present in the country, the Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has addressed in court with the petition for correspondence arrest.

It is necessary procedure to find the suspect abroad.

After the decision on correspondence arrest the Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has put Michael Gutseriev on the international wanted list. Corresponding documents have left in the Interpol. If the fluent oligarch will find out in any country Russia will demand to detain him and to give out. Further much depends on what relations between our countries. If there is a mutual extradition treaty suspected and accused, citizen, in this case Michael Gutseriev, most likely ekstradirujut to Russia. If is not present, local court or Office of Public Prosecutor will solve, looking what procedure in the given state.

Now there are suspicions that Gutseriev disappears in Baku or in London. In the first case chances of an extradition very good. In the second, to put it mildly, not so. About ten years England has not given out to Russia any person, even experienced criminals.

Sources believe that the former head Russnefti Michael Gutseriev has disappeared in Baku, where at it very good communications, and at the highest level. However at Russia with Azerbaijan also very close relations, and Gutseriev`s friends whoever they were, can appear in very uneasy situation if will start to cover it.

- we do not have information on Michael Gutseriev`s stay in Azerbaijan, - have declared yesterday in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. - but if it so and if from the Russian side the corresponding reference it will be given out arrives. As well as in all areas, in law-enforcement sphere between Azerbaijan and Russia also there is a close cooperation. Law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan and Russia effectively co-operate in information interchange and mutual delivery of wanted persons. The Russian law enforcement bodies to Azerbaijan the persons who have made criminal offences in territory of republic as well as the Azerbaijan law-enforcement bodies to the Russian side the persons who are wanted under the Criminal code time and again stood out time and again stood out. So will be and henceforth.

Last time the businessman appeared on public in Azerbaijan: on August, 23rd at ceremony of farewell to tragically lost son Genghis Khan. Farewell to Gutseriev - younger passed in the Blue mosque in Baku. As to Russnefti in July Michael Gutseriev has combined powers of its president. Then he has informed that transfers the company to the new proprietor. On hearings, the sum of transaction could make to 6 billion dollars half from which would receive Gutseriev. Some mass-media assert that the businessman has already sold the company though official acknowledgement to it is not present. Moreover, actions Russnefti are in custody.

In spite of the fact that about the billionaire while the data is not present, it continues to be protected in absentia - through the lawyers. As it became known yesterday, defenders of the businessman have submitted to Moscow City Court the appeal on the decision on correspondence arrest. This petition will be considered on September, 5th. This very day the Moscow City Court will consider other complaint connected with Michael Gutseriev. Representatives of the oil company Russneft challenge the decision of Lefortovsky court of capital on arrest of 100 percent of shares of the company.

By the way

On one criminal case together with Michael Gutseriev pass some a top - managers: the vice-president Russnefti Sergey Bahir, the general director Uljanovsknefti and Nafta - Ulyanovsk Victor Kurochkin and Igor Elansky.

It too had been brought accusations. But while all of them on - former work on the posts. As managers do not disappear from a consequence, a preventive punishment it yet have not changed.


Magazine Forbs estimates disgraced Michael Gutseriev`s condition in 3 billion dollars, in Russian to gold one hundred it is on 31 - m a place. The basis of its condition is made by the oil company Russneft . Besides, Gutseriev posesses real estate in Moscow and some financial actives.

the Company Russneft Gutseriev and its partners have created in 2002. Its authorised capital stock makes 100 million roubles. Share holdings in three daughters Russnefti under some messages, belong to the international raw trader Glencore.

Earlier in Gutseriev`s press named very successful businessman. Russneft began with extraction of 2 million tons, and in 2006 left on 17 million tons. In 2006 its net profit has grown in comparison 2005 in 2,4 times.

But Gutseriev has earned the first money in 13 years: they with friends bought cards, pasted them on DSP, filled in with a varnish and sold. Under the official biography Gutseriev in 16 years began to work as the loader in the Kazakh city of Dzhambul and has arrived on an evening department of Dzhambulsky institute of technology.

In 1988 he has created one of the first co-operative banks and the first in Checheno - Ingushetia joint venture. After Dzhohara Dudaev Gutseriev`s coming to power has left to Moscow where has created industrially - the financial company BIN (Bank of investments and innovations).

the First business - Gutseriev`s project the zone of economic preference " became powerful; Ingushetia . Actually it was the first Russian offshore based on tax privileges granted to republic. Meanwhile recently the billionaire liked to underline that has made the fortune without the aid of influential officials.

In the end of 1999 Gutseriev has received the offer to head Russian - the Belarus state company Slavneft . But in the end of 2002 the company has been sold, and Gutseriev had to leave it.

However, even before sale Slavneft it has based and has headed own oil business - the company Russneft . It quickly went uphill. Gutseriev bought problem actives, undertook risky projects and extended them at the expense of the aggressiveness. Under the certificate of colleagues, it always was the present workaholic.

Now Russneft is vertically - the integrated oil holding and enters into ten the largest oil and gas companies of the country. It, as is informed on an official site of the company, extracts everyone 30 - ju ton of the Russian oil. In structure Russnefti 30 extracting enterprises, two oil refining factories, transport agency, and also the modern marketing network of the gas station numbering 311 refuelling complexes enter. The company enterprises are located in 23 regions of Russia and the CIS. Total taken stocks Russnefti exceed 630 million tons. The company net profit last year has made 9,9 billion roubles.

In 2006 Russneft Has entered the international market and has signed the agreement on deposit working out in Azerbaijan. This year it planned to finish extraction to 20 - 25 million tons.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor in the autumn of 2006 has raised criminal cases upon illegal business daughters Russnefti and then Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs - upon non-payment Russneftju taxes in especially large size. One of charge points is a scheme of movement of oil through a chain of intermediaries which got raw materials at extracting daughters and then sold him Russnefti at inflated price. Besides, the company extracted oil over the volumes defined in licence agreements. The sum of tax claims makes, according to RIA Novosti news agency, about 3,7 billion roubles for 2003 both 2004. To Gutseriev and a number a top - managers Russnefti Accusations in non-payment of taxes and illegal business have been brought, from Gutseriev was the subscription about nevyezde is taken, and the tax service has demanded to collect in the income of the state of the action most Russnefti . In the end of July arrest has been put company papers.

Gutseriev is Literally a day before it declared that leaves the business and will be engaged in charity and a science in territory of Russia. Instead of it Russneft vice-president Oleg Gordeyev has headed.

on August, 22nd in accident in Moscow was lost 21 - Gutseriev`s summer son.

In the meantime

On a site Russnefti there was a message that the demand for controlling interest acquisition Russnefti has submitted belonging to Oleg Deripaska the Base element . According to the experts, the sum of transaction could make 6,5 - 7 billion dollars. Yesterday some editions have informed that this transaction ostensibly has already taken place still two weeks ago. But Gutseriev has received thus 3 - 3,3 billion dollars. We will notice that on an official site the Base element in the end of July the announcement also has been placed that the company has submitted to Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) the demand for acquisition of a controlling interest of firm of Gutseriev. However in the beginning of August head FAS Igor Artemyev has declared that the demand does not correspond to department requirements and consequently is not considered yet. Meanwhile some sources assert that the transaction between Gutseriev and Deripaska is not closed, and on the company of the disgraced billionaire there are also other applicants.

Elena Kukol