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Admirers of princess Diana mark 10 - letie from the date of its  destruction

“ All passes “ - it is written on a ring of tsar Solomona. The pig-iron fencing with gilding of the Kensingtonsky palace where there lived the princess, is already empty for a long time. Become after Diana`s  destruction a place of pilgrimage of the tourists, filled up with mountains of colours and hundreds notes with the grief and love words, carried all over the world in millions those photos who has personally visited and has personally touched, this fencing reminds now only of how for a long time It is not present...

I well remember that evening when last time saw Diana. In the Russian embassy in London saw off ambassador Anatoly Adamishina coming back to Moscow, and the princess has glanced on a spark to say goodbye to it. And someone from the present has joked: the neigbour has come! The embassy of Russia and the Kensingtonsky palace stand nearby, and Diana happened here not once. I have arrived on a seeing-off late and have seen already leaving Diana: It paced in the light fitting suit with a graceful stateliness of the revived statue. The retinue pospeshavshih behind it, appear, entirely consisted of people of small growth. That was for ever embodied in my memory, is its unusually direct back and strange calm, aura surrounding the princess striding to an exit. In some months it was lost.

It is said that any tragedy is shrouded orelom mystics. In the beginning of July of the last in life of summer, having a rest with family of the Arabian multimillionaire al - Fajeda on the French Riviera, the princess Welsh has made the trick which has puzzled all. Sowing in motorku as was in a bathing suit and the towel tied round hips, it has swum up to plying lengthways it “ possession “ to the ship of the press and to greater amazement of the reporters who have gathered on a deck has told it such words: “ the Following thing which I will make, becomes for you the big unexpectedness “.

And all began to guess: What it will be a thing? Perhaps, she will emigrate from Britain how Diana hinted at that recently? Or even more - will give birth? The photos which have appeared after described incident in parkway editions began to be focused on slightly roundish stomach of the princess - a pier, really? And if it “ it “ - whether that on snosjah greatest of possible sensations? Whether will appear at prince William, British prestolonaslednika, the stepbrother or the sister of the Arabian blood? And when after two months of the princess did not become, those its words by a boat in Mediterranean sea have returned an ominous prophecy to themselves. Diana has kept the promise - that happens, has shaken Britain and together with it all other world.

the Princess Welsh has died in the Parisian hospital Petie - Salpetriere at 4 o`clock Sunday morning last August day. Heart attack became an actual cause of death. Diana has undergone two heart attacks: Heart has not sustained internal wounds and a bleeding. Reanimatory two hours struggled for her life. Doctors, having opened a thorax, tried to do direct massage of heart, but the miracle has not occurred. The British ambassador in France left hospital heart-broken. Witnesses say that it “ cried and cried as the child “.

... Whether Diana could endure this terrible failure in the Parisian tunnel Alma? The former chief of the London police lord Stevens heading court of inquiry on finding-out of circumstances of  destruction of the princess Welsh, has taken out the conclusion that Diana and Dodi al - Fajed could survive, if have been fastened by seat belts. But only one bodyguard who, probably, thanks to it and has survived has been fastened.

There is also one more authoritative version in favour of that Diana could be rescued. The American researchers believe that the chance to survive would be great enough, if instead of first-aid treatment on a place of accident suffered in operational hospitals for at this sort of wounds for the victim how soon it will appear on an operational table is solving immediately delivered and will be connected to the device “ heart - lungs “. If the artery damaged as a result of failure was, as affirmed hitherto, and really is broken off, Diana would die instantly. That fact that she lived, gives the grounds to believe: rupture was not, only internal bleedings from the damaged walls took place. And at a similar trauma rescue of the patient would be possible.

it is amazing, but the fact: the French doctor, the first casually appeared in a tunnel on a place of accident, has not considered suffered seriously injured. Here is how has described Frederik Melle (Mailliez) in the interview to the British newspaper “ Tajms “ Those some minutes which has spent near Diana before arrival of firemen and “ fast “.

“... Hooter “ Mercedes “ all roared also all was in a smoke. I have understood that, possibly, there was very serious failure and that can be a victim, therefore I have caused on mobile “ first aid “. When I have run up to the car, I have seen that the door has been opened. Smelt as blood, gasoline and ashes. The driver was, obviously, is dead, and the man - the passenger on a back seat too... I have started to examine the young woman sitting behind. I have made out that the woman was good itself but who it was, I then had no concept. Her feet have been turned in, it stood as though in a lap, having got stuck between a forward and back seat.

When doctor Melle who has rushed to the car behind an oxygen mask, has returned, the woman has recovered consciousness and began to shout from a pain. I have understood that it is the Englishwoman, I have tried to console it as could, I began to ask, where is ill. I have told that “ fast “ here - also all here will arrive will be okej. She continued all time to repeat, as to it is awfully sick, and while she told it, I have given it an oxygen mask. At first sight it did not look hopelessly wounded. Unlike the passenger on the first seat which was obviously very bad (bodyguard Trevor Rice - Johns - Island D) It did not have signs on severe wounds “.

Doctor Melle, being engaged suffered, saw the people who were scurrying about round the car with cameras, but they have not caused to it the slightest anxiety and have not undertaken uniform attempt to prevent first-aid treatment. Then, even before arrival “ fast “ appeared on a place of accident only in 17 minutes, wounded has fainted. Frederik Melle has left home, and in the morning, having included news, has learnt, who was its patient. Even later he has heard that have accused photographers of attempt to climb in the car where was suffered. Doctor Melle has called in police to deny it the certificate because, as he said, it there was an obvious lie.

photographers present on a place of accident could tell the part of this stories only more recently, in interview to the British film documentation officers. From their stories appears, in particular, that practically all Alma finished shooting in a tunnel the film has been confiscated from them directly on a place by the French police which has arrived there. Therefore those photos which it managed to be finished shooting, have appeared in archives of investigatory business. However which - who managed - taki to leave a tunnel with a precious film. This fatal night in apartment of the editor of photoillustrations most mnogotirazhnoj the British newspaper “ the Dignity “ phone call was distributed and a certain French photographer has suggested it to buy a picture of the wounded princess for 300 thousand pounds sterling. The editor “ the Dignity “ admitted, remembering this episode: “ My heart has jumped up - and I have agreed “. And in some hours from Paris the message that Diana is dead has come. The picture bought from the French photographer has been immediately removed from number made ready for the press. Mortally wounded Diana suffering from a pain have not shown to the British public never.

that occurred tragical in the night from 30 for August, 31st, 1997, is a certain social phenomenon on which studying many years will leave as early as. The British press has compared funeral and what was created in the country which has put on mourning (and in only one this country?) With stalinizmom - truth, with stalinizmom on the contrary. That is with a cult of personality, but burst not on a rigid will of tops, and at own furious desire of weights. When next day after Diana`s  destruction tourists have seen, how over a round tower of a royal palace in Windsor the British flag flutters, they in anger have fallen with phone calls upon palace administration, demanding to lower a little “ the Union Jack “. Explanations that such is firm tradition and a flag is lowered a little only in case of death of the monarch, has been met by the sharp protest. The firm tradition has been broken - a flag have lowered a little. In Britain those days the prime minister - minister Winston Churchill wrote that such mass grief, such deep mourning was not observed in this country even in day of death of its national hero, legendary. Has not endured such ostrakizma a grief and the shaken America, burying adored by it, the murderer who have fallen from a bullet of president John Kennedy.

Charismatic, not ordinary, effective - Diana nevertheless was not neither the most beautiful, nor the most disinterested, the most outstanding woman on this this world. To tell the truth, throughout the life it sowed more contentions, rather than the world. Private secretaries of the princess, in a panic run in the resignation, expelled by it from the house the objectionable servants, the offended nurses busily pursued by it and lovers betraying it are after all too the lady of Dee... The English queen reproached that she has not suddenly dressed mourning for the lost. And very few people remembered that Elizabeth - as it seems has not forgotten, having lost after title divorce “ your Royal Highness “ Diana in anger has called royal family “ a colony leprous “. And what mother would not become hardened in relation to that which began to humiliate publicly her son, declaring the whole world, what Charles is not worthy a throne?

No doubt, Diana was the outstanding personality - but thus the person with such unrestrained ambition, such wide unbalance and such heat that many psychiatrists seriously were afraid for its health. That the lady of Dee did not do without the special preparations supporting its nervous system, was not a special secret. Named from Tony Blair`s giving “ the national princess “ from which the dexterous public relations have made a victim monarshego an arbitrariness, Diana was actually ardent monarhistkoj. The daughter of the count and the spouse of the crown prince, it devoutly dreamt of a royal crown. The glorified philanthropist and the trustee orphaned and poor, it did not bequeath in favour of poor of the condition in 21 million pounds sterling a uniform penny.

Prince Charles has made all from it depending that as it is possible to immortalise memory of the princess more brightly. It has supported completely idea of the sons to organise a concert devoted to their mother. And when in Britain polemic about has burst, whether to construct in memory of Diana a garden in territory of the Kensingtonsky palace, and opponents of this idea have declared that the princess hated gardens, Charles has ardently rushed to protection. He has told, how they with Diana in the first, happiest years of their life dreamt to lay out a garden at themselves in imene Hajgrouv as Diana has got a photo album of colours and as she liked to sit in the secret garden from white roses in Kensingtone. When Diana was lost, Charles has asked to give it that its photo album with colours.

But what if it all - taki remained that night is live? What would be with it today, open Diana embracing her hands of Dodi and put on itself a saving belt? How it would be died this surprising woman drawing to of a storm? I remember, how right after Diana`s divorce in Britain variants of its future were publicly discussed. Her married to the American billionaire and sent on a residence for ocean. Prorancid in the failures, the growing old Diana drew in a sad landscape of the full loneliness, sitting on the energizers, left by sons and forgotten by all on light. But Tony Blair who have seen in Diana the chance slightly to put to the place of the British kings and in parallel with " has then come; new Labourism “ to create “ a new monarchy “.

But that was wanted by her? Of what dreamt also whom there could be today, ten years later? Some hours prior to failure Diana has called from the number in the Parisian hotel “ Ritts “ to the close friend, the correspondent British “ Dejli a mail “ to Richard Keju. It was last person who spoke with Diana, and to it she has told in night of the  destruction about that, how would like to change the life.

She has told that intends to finish all obligations concerning charities, in particular, on campaign with antipersonnel mines - and then, is closer by November, completely to leave public life. Diana admitted that, life " would like to begin to live; the private person “. Later, making comments on this decision of the princess, Richard Kej has told that Dodi al - Fajed was the major factor of such turn, most likely: “ It has been enamoured of it and that, maybe, the most important, believed that he loves it. They were, is old-fashioned being expressed, are happy to pleasure. I cannot tell with confidence that they would get married, but, I believe, it very possibly could happen “.

She seriously thought of resettlement in other country where hoped to be is better understood. For the first time this thought has come to it three years prior to fatal failure. And she has told to Richard Keju: “ I should find that place where I will be quiet “. Diana considered France because this country is near from England that would allow it to see sons often as a possible variant. She reflected on America, fondly believing that America so is overflowed znamenistjami that among them it will be possible to disappear imperceptibly. Or about Southern Africa where there lived her brother and where it would appear as it is possible further from that country in which it was so it is frankly unhappy. But it would be too far from its William and from its Harry...

... Shortly before  destruction Diana and Dodi secretly - anyway so they hoped - flied to local jasnovidjashchej to gipsy Rita Rogers. That Rita has told it, and remains secret. But during last instant of her life it seemed to all that the bitter bowl is enjoyed by Diana to the bottom. That difficult to explain neschastlivost its outwardly brilliant and outwardly extremely enviable destiny has turned back and that 36 - the summer princess is on the threshold of something absolutely new. It has departed with Dodi to southern edges inspired and very quiet. Vacation which it has spent with it, Diana named the best in the life.

the Destiny, however, has disposed so that this vacation became the last. This awful, last turn Dianinoj of destiny British “ Sandi tajms “ in the obituary of the front page named amazingly - “ Last certificate of the Greek tragedy “. And a unique consolation in grieves on Diana there is only that in that, other life, it, should be, has found that place where the rebellious and mournful soul has found it rest.