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Georgia earns the political capital on road accident with peacemakers

the Answer to a playful question - than the pessimist differs from the optimist, as well as possible characterises a condition developed between Moscow and Tbilisi of relations.

the Optimist is assured: worse, than today, the situation any more will not be. And here the pessimist, on the contrary, says that all can become even worse. And, seemingly, the further, the more obviously that at an estimation of prospects Russian - the Georgian relations pessimists get the best.

Contacts between Moscow and Tbilisi if to track their dynamics throughout several last months, remind an exchange report more and more. Small and rather local warming are instantly replaced by rhetoric of times cold war . And public gestures of good will and modest sprouts of mutual trust definitively decay under any squall of charges which are put forward to Russia, first of all, by the Georgian party.

Sometimes there is a sensation that political puppeteers from Tbilisi have simply played and cannot stop in any way. However that pragmatism with which the Georgian authorities apropos and without cause appeal to the world community, involuntarily forces to assume existence at a republic management some kind of the ideological program of actions.

In it it is in detail painted as well as what to speak at any incident expressly or by implication connected with Russia. to press on pity the Georgian party has learnt is masterful. Equally how to take from potential sympathy for the country from the international community quite notable material and military help.

it was necessary to Georgia to begin negotiations about possible control of the air space by NATO military men as there and then there were two air incidents to ostensibly taking place participation of Russia. At first the rocket which the Georgian military men have hastened to destroy has fallen to the Georgian territory. And only then have shown any scorched fragments in haste to the experts who have arrived to the country from the several states rather in a friendly way adjusted to Tbilisi. And those have immediately made out in rocket remains a hand of Moscow . While the Russian experts have been compelled to elicit some days the permission of the Georgian authorities to look at the object which has become by the reason of the conflict.

And in some days in Kodorsky gorge in territory which supervises Tbilisi, the Russian plane has ostensibly fallen. And again Georgian authorities have publicly accused Moscow of infringement of air borders. But this time performance with attraction to survey of a scene of ambassadors of the foreign states at Tbilisi it has not turned out. Whether the falling area has appeared too remote, whether experts have appeared are right and in gorge has fallen only space garbage But the history with plane has silently descended on is not present .

However a habit to support high degree in Russian - the Georgian relations at Tbilisi hawks remained. And as new planes or rockets which in time, and the main thing to a place would fall to the Georgian territory, quickly it was not possible to organise it, it was necessary to be content with the small: dorozhno - transport incident with participation of the Russian peacemakers.

However, in art from flies to do an elephant Tbilisi has succeeded for a long time. As a result usual collision of the truck GAS - 66, transporting 15 Russian soldiers, with the Georgian trip minibus on rural road became almost news number one in the Georgian mass-media. On analysis of ordinary road accident where only also it was necessary to find out who whom cut during movement, 30 Georgian policemen have left at once. And this with the fact that during incident nobody has suffered, and cars have received insignificant mechanical damages.

Further events developed on template well familiar earlier on similar cases. The Georgian officials have immediately accused peacemakers that those have without the permission left for limits of a zone supervised by them. Also have informed on the weapon ostensibly found in the car.

All Russians delivered for interrogation in a police station though to any sane person it is clear: military men sitting in a body had no relation to road accident. Nevertheless, according to the assistant to the commander-in-chief of Land forces of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkova, employees of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs did not suppose to the detained Russians of representatives of peace-making mission and the translator. On Wednesday soldiers have been released and have returned on base to Sukhumi.

Analysis of ordinary road incident in which nobody has suffered, has occupied from Georgia almost days. All this time of 15 peacemakers were in custody. But on similar methods of inquiry anybody from the European and American defenders of interests of Tbilisi of attention has not turned.

As - and it understand all - the political component of such incidents interests opponents of presence of peacemakers of the CIS in a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict much more, than observance of Tbilisi elementary human rights. So far as concerns a big-times politics, traffic regulations appear on a roadside.