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Sellers play on bread loaves

Yesterday at session of committee of Legislative Assembly on the food policy deputies have returned again to a situation in the grain market. Despite stabilisation in Vladivostok, in areas of edge of the price for popular foodstuff continue to grow.

According to deputy Sergey Sidorenko, concerning increase in price of bread on - former it is a lot of references. And they arrive not only from areas, municipal unions, but also from usual citizens. Cost of one roll of bread in some areas of edge for last month has grown on five roubles. And this with the fact that in August flour cost even has a little decreased. In July as the reason of a rise in price of bakery production was called the increase in the price at raw materials. Now to play on it have solved the organisations sellers. Their trading margins have increased price of bread.

it is clear that to affect businessmen to the authorities it will not be possible, but here to reduce the initial price of a product - quite on forces. We will remind that at the last session of regional parliament this question already rose. Deputies discussed a number of measures on conditions stabilisation. However, apparently, discussion has a little helped business: for the decision of this question, as well as many other things, money is necessary. First of all, for increase in the sums at subsidising of percent of the rate of the credits received by manufacturers. Under the decision of deputies municipalities should give the list of the enterprises having the big social loading. Speaking easier, first of all the regional power intends to help those who supplies with the production of school, kindergartens, hospitals and other social objects.

the Second measure about which people`s choices spoke, - decrease for these enterprises of tariffs for an electricity. Here only as it will look it not clear yet - or the authorities will agree with suppliers of the electric power, or will compensate a part of the means spent for it. Deputies have promised again to return to this question at the next session of Legislative Assembly and to consider the modification connected with it of the budget.